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This cover is suitable for:

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Learners and full licence holders
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Insuring a young person as the main driver
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Driving without curfews
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This cover is not suitable for:

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Just a week or a month
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Commercial vehicles

What is Black Box Insurance?

Black box insurance is sometimes referred to as telematics insurance. It allows drivers to prove they are a safe driver in return for a more personalised insurance premium. It involves sticking a small box to your car windscreen and downloading an app to measure your driving. The great news is that our safest drivers can earn personalised premiums based on skill – plus, the smart tech allows us to offer the option to choose an annual policy or a mileage-based policy depending on how may miles you expect to drive.

Black box insurance options

Annual insurance

Select your annual mileage

  • dotStart earning a No Claims Discount
  • dotSafe drivers can earn a personalised premium at renewal
  • dotMonthly payment available

Pay As You Go insurance

Start with 1000 miles

  • dotPay just for the miles you drive
  • dotTop ups from 250 miles at a time
  • dotSafe drivers pay less for their top ups
  • dotEarn a No Claims Discount for every claim free year

3 steps to getting on the road

Choose your cover
Get a black box insurance quote in minutes – and select annual or pay as you go cover. If you choose annual cover, you can drive straight away! If you opt for pay as you go insurance, you will need to fit your tag and pair it with the Marmalade Insurance app on your smartphone before getting behind the wheel.
Fit the black box
We’ll send you an easy-to-fit black box within 2 working days (it’s called a “tag” as it’s so small) and a link to our app. When your tag arrives, install it and you’re good to go!
Review your driving score
Keep an eye on your score in the app and review your journeys to see where you could improve your driving. Good drivers earn a personalised premium at renewal!

How does it work?

Your driving score

Your overall driving score gives you, and us, an overall picture of your driving as this combines data on all of your journeys. The higher your driving score - the safer your driving is.

Reviewing your journeys

Each journey is classed out of five stars. Three to five star journeys are classed as green (which is good!), two star journeys are classed as amber (needing improvement), and one star journeys are classed as red (unsafe).

Unsafe driving

If you incur a red, one star journey, we’ll get in touch to discuss what happened and how to improve. Repeated Red journeys could lead to a premium increase. Read our red journey process to find out more.

Safe driving

The majority of drivers stay “in the green” and drive well. The best news is that you’ll earn a personalised premium at renewal, or when your top up rates are reviewed, for safe driving - in addition to any No Claims Discount you’ve earned.

Frequently asked questions

What does the black box measure?arrow

Our black box looks at location and distance driven and will measure:
- Speed
- Acceleration
- Braking
- Cornering
- Mobile phone use
- Crash detection
You can review your driving on your driving app and see where you’ve driven well and aspects that need improvement. Want to know more? Read our guide to reviewing your driving with a black box.

How does black box insurance differ from car insurance without a black box?arrow

Standard car insurance with no black box just takes into account your personal details, previous experience, and current circumstances. For a driver in a low risk group, this may be the most cost-effective option. But if you are in a higher risk group - which young drivers are - then car insurance with a black box allows you to pay a price according to how safe you drive.

How much is black box insurance?arrow

The price of black box insurance for young drivers will vary according to a number of factors, including your age, the car you drive, where you live, and your occupation, to name just a few.

With the majority of quotes for black box insurance, we'll also provide a personalised quote to pay by the mile.

What is telematics?arrow
Also known as black box insurance, telematics utilises a discreet black box (in this case a small tag) which lets us know how you're driving by sending information to us via a GPS signal. The box measures distance, location, acceleration, braking, cornering, average speed, and phone usage and helps us to tailor your renewal premium to your driving style. Read more about telematics here.
How do you fit a black box?arrow
It couldn’t be easier to install a Marmalade black box. It’s a small device that simply sticks firmly onto the inside of your windscreen, behind your rear-view mirror. All you need to do to get started is download our Marmalade Insurance App, and link it to the tag, and you can start tracking and reviewing your journeys.
Why choose black box insurance for 17 year olds and 18 year olds?arrow
Telematics insurance can benefit drivers of any age as it helps encourage safe driving. It’s particularly beneficial for drivers under 21, who have limited experience behind the wheel. It can help drivers learn safe driving habits early on, as it raises awareness of how well they’re driving and what areas of driving need improvement. Not only this, but black box insurance has the potential to make the price of cover more affordable for some members of this age group.
Can my child be insured on a car registered to me, the parent?arrow
Yes. If the young driver is the main driver of the car, we can provide cover if the car is owned and registered by a parent or guardian. It may be handy to know that we can cover the young person on a provisional licence too. So, if they'll be driving it when they pass their driving test, you can take cover out beforehand and cover will continue seamlessly when they pass.

Get set for the open road!

Join thousands of young drivers enjoying comprehensive cover with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.

Black box insurance for learner drivers

If you’ve got a provisional licence and you’re going to be driving the same car after you pass your test, depending on your circumstances, learner driver insurance with a black box might be worth considering. Your cover will continue seamlessly when you pass and you will start earning your no claims discount as early as possible.
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Black Box Mythbusters

There are lots of misconceptions around the black box. Read more about how it's designed to help you become a better driver and not catch you out!

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How to fit a black box

Read our guide to fitting your black box and see just how easy it is to get started with viewing your journeys and driving score.

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Driving with a black box

Discover top tips from an expert to help you increase your confidence and get a great driving score to help you earn savings on your insurance.

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