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Great savings on annual black box insurance for young drivers with no curfews!

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This cover is suitable for:

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Learners and full licence holders
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Drivers between 17 & 30 years old
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Insuring a young person as the main driver
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Driving without curfews
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This cover is not suitable for:

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Commercial vehicles

Black Box Car Insurance that can save young drivers over £500*

Some insurers quote new drivers sky high premiums based on statistics of the majority. It’s not all bad news though, Marmalade black box insurance for new drivers offers a more tailored insurance premium based on how the individual drives, rather than one based on young drivers in general.

Plus, you can drive safe in the knowledge you're covered by the UK's Best-known insurance provider dedicated to young drivers¹.

Discover the benefits of black box cover for young drivers

Benefits for the young driver
Benefits for the parent

    • Drive 24/7 with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions
    • Start to earn your own No Claims Discount
    • Instant cover and a self-fit black box so there’s no waiting around for an engineer
    • An additional discount at renewal for our safest drivers
    • Seamless cover from provisional to full licence with no increase in price when you pass

    Our black box technology will improve your driving skills & reduces the likelihood of you being involved in an accident by nearly 3 times²


Our black box technology will improve your driving skills & reduces the likelihood of you being involved in an accident by nearly 3 times²

Frequently asked questions

What is Black Box Insurance?arrow
Black box insurance is sometimes referred to as telematics insurance. It’s one and the same thing - one just sounds more technical than the other. This type of insurance cover allows insurers to price your insurance based on how you drive - and is proven to reduce the risk of accidents. This helps the insurer offer more affordable premiums. Plus, young drivers with a black box may be more likely to earn their own no claims discount - and with Marmalade, our safest drivers also earn an extra safe driving discount at renewal.
How does black box insurance work?arrow
Black Box insurance involves fitting a small telematics tag into the car directly behind the rear-view mirror, which analyses how you drive, your driving style and where you drive. You needn’t worry about us watching your every move as we’re only monitoring dangerous journeys, and your overall driving score when it comes to renewal – as we offer an extra discount to our safest drivers on renewal.
What does a black box monitor?arrow
Our black box looks at location and distance driven and will measure:
- Speed
- Acceleration
- Braking
- Cornering
- Mobile phone use
- Crash detection
You can review your driving on your driving app and see where you’ve driven well and aspects that need improvement. Want to know more? Read our guide to reviewing your driving with a black box.
How is Black Box Insurance different to normal insurance?arrow
A standard car insurance policy just takes into account your personal details, previous experience and current circumstances. For a driver in a low risk group, this may be the most cost effective option. But if you are in a higher risk group - which young drivers are - then car insurance with a black box allows you to pay a price according to how safe you drive.
How much is black box insurance? arrow
The price of black box insurance for young drivers will vary according to a number of factors, including your age, the car you drive, where you live, and your occupation, to name just a few. Data from the Consumer Intelligence price index tells us that the average premium quoted for UK drivers aged under 25 £1735*. 3
How do you fit a black box?arrow
It couldn’t be easier to install a Marmalade black box (it may not be the same for other black box insurance companies though!). It’s a small device that simply sticks firmly onto the inside of your windscreen, behind your rear view mirror. All you need to do to get started is download our Marmalade Insurance App, and link it to the tag, and you can start tracking and reviewing your journeys.
Are there any black box insurance restrictions or mileage limits?arrow
It goes without saying you need to drive within the law! Some black box policies restrict night-time driving or penalise you for driving at night - we don’t do that. Driving is about freedom, right? We don’t set mileage limits either, all we ask is that you are honest about the miles you plan on driving when you take out your policy. If you think you’ll be driving more, or less than intended, just give us a call to let us know.
What happens if you speed with a black box?arrow
The black box measures speed, acceleration, cornering, braking and phone use, so it will flag on your driving app any mistakes - like where you have been over the speed limit and for how long. We’re not concerned about minor mistakes, so if it’s a one off – don’t worry, if you’re aware of it, you’re less likely to do it again. However, if you repeatedly drive at risk, we’ll give you a call to discuss your driving and how you can improve. If the dangerous driving continues (which we’re sure it won’t), you’ll start a red journey process, which you can read more about here. Obviously, if you’re caught by Police or a Speed Camera, you may be subject to a fine and points on your licence.
Is the black box easy to remove?arrow
Yes. If you change your car and need to move the device you can just pull it off the windscreen, ready to stick onto your new car’s windscreen. If your policy has expired, and you’re no longer insured with Marmalade - you can simply remove and recycle your device.
Why choose black box insurance for 17 year olds and 18 year olds?arrow
Telematics insurance can benefit drivers of any age, as it helps encourage safe driving. However, it is particularly beneficial for drivers under 21, who have limited experience behind the wheel. It helps develop safe driving habits early on, as it raises awareness of what they are doing well and what aspects of driving need improvement. Not only this, but it can make the price more affordable for this age group.
Can I drive in Europe after Brexit?arrow
Provided you request a Green Card from us before you travel to Europe, your policy gives you 90 days comprehensive cover when driving abroad in EU countries. After 90 days you will only have the minimum level of insurance cover required to drive in those countries. You can request a Green Card by calling us on 0333 358 3441 at least 7 working days before you travel. It is essential that you carry a paper copy of this whilst driving in Europe.

Customers based in Northern Ireland can request a green card for the length of their policy for cover in the Republic of Ireland. The Green Card certifies that you have the minimum compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance cover required by the Laws on the countries visited. Depending on the country you visit, you may need extra documentation and equipment such as a GB sticker, V5 document, emission stickers and more. Please check the gov.uk website for what the country you are visiting requires before you travel.
Can my child be insured on a car registered to me, the parent?arrow
Yes, if the young driver is the main driver of the car we can provide cover if the car is owned and registered by a parent or guardian. It may be handy to know that we can cover the young person on a provisional licence too. So, if they'll be driving it when they pass their driving test, you can take cover out beforehand and cover will continue seamlessly when they pass, with no price increase.
How much cheaper is black box insurance than normal insurance?arrow
Young drivers could get cheaper insurance and save over £500 by choosing a black box policy. Data from the Consumer Intelligence price index tells us that the average premium quoted for drivers aged under 25 in the UK is £1735*. We’re pleased to say that the average new business premium for Marmalade Black Box Insurance customers, who purchased a policy from 1st November 2020 – 31st October 2021, was £1360.28.

Get set for the open road!

9 out of 10 of our black box customers have recommended Marmalade to friends or family†
Join thousands of young drivers enjoying comprehensive cover with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.

Black box insurance for learner drivers

If you’ve got a provisional licence and you’re going to be driving the same car after you pass your test, annual learner driver insurance with a black box could be the best option as cover will continue seamlessly when you pass (with no price increase either!), plus you will start earning your no claims discount as early as possible.

Things you might not know about our telematics insurance policies

You don't have to wait for your black box to arrive to get on the road
You can get behind the wheel as soon as you’ve set your insurance up, if you like. We’ll send your black box device to you within a few days - all we ask, is that you install the black box as soon as you receive it to remain insured.

We can cover a young driver on a car that's registered to one of their parents
There may be all sorts of reasons to keep the car registered in a parent’s name, so, provided the young driver is the main driver, we can provide black box cover for the young driver. Of course, mum and dad can be named drivers so they can drive the car as and when they need.

You're insured to drive in Europe
We’ll provide 90 days cover for you to drive in the EU. Now that we’ve left the European Union, you will, of course, need to obtain a Green Card from us before you travel. This will enable you to provide that you have the minimum level of cover required to drive in that country.

You can get a courtesy car if your car need to go to a garage to be repaired
If you use one of our approved repairers, the garage should provide you with a temporary vehicle to use whilst your car is in for repairs. If your car is essential, you may want to consider adding hire car cover to your insurance - this will ensure you have a car for a couple of weeks in the situation that your car is stolen or is undriveable.

You can add legal and breakdown cover to your policy
There may be all sorts of reasons to keep the car registered in a parent’s name, so, provided the young driver is the main driver, we can provide black box cover for the young driver. Of course, mum and dad can be named drivers so they can drive the car as and when they need.

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