Exclusive discounts for Marmalade Customers

We want to help young drivers save money, so we’re offering exclusive discounts for our customers, not only on our insurance products but on lots of other brands too!

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Rewarding customer loyalty
We want to reward your loyalty, so we offer a range of discounts when you stay with or return to Marmalade for insurance cover. These include - discounts on your renewal, together with further discounts if you move to a different insurance policy with Marmalade.

What exclusive discounts can Marmalade customers access?

Everyone loves a discount – so we want to reward our customers. Young drivers insurance is what we do best but we’re also delighted to be able to offer our customers exclusive access to Marmalade Perks, powered by Perkjam, where you can take advantage of hundreds of perks, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands from entertainment, technology, travel, fashion and more.
Why not head over to the Marmalade Perk’s site to discover what discounts and offers take your fancy? We’ve been told that, on average, customers save £400 per year using Perkjam offers. You can even sign up for weekly updates to be the first to hear about new offers.

How do the Marmalade loyalty discounts work?

Learner Driver Insurance

If you're a renewing Learner Driver Insurance customer, the discount will be automatically applied on our renewal portal, simply sign in, choose your length of cover and proceed!

Black Box Insurance

Anyone who has held a Learner Driver Insurance, Student Car Insurance or Named Young Driver Insurance policy will be eligible for a 5% discount³ on their Black Box Insurance policy (provided they have not had a policy cancelled for dangerous driving previously).
To make it as easy as possible, we’ve put some clever logic on our form to recognise you and apply the discount when you get a full quote.

Named Young Driver Insurance

You’ll get a 10% discount on our Named Young Driver Insurance policy if you’ve had a Learner Driver Insurance policy in the past, and it’s automatically applied when you get a quote so you’ll be able to see how much you’re saving straight away!

Pay As You Go Insurance

If you have held a Learner Driver Insurance policy with Marmalade, you’ll get a 10% discount applied to your Pay As You Go Insurance policy. To make it even easier, it’s done automatically - use the same details as your learner insurance policy and the discount will be applied to your quote!

Student Car Insurance

If you're looking to purchase Student Car Insurance and you've had a Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance before, we’ll apply a 10% discount to your quote when we recognise your details on online. If you like the price, you can proceed to payment and get covered straight away!
In addition to this, from time to time we offer seasonal discounts that are open to everyone! If you want to be the first to hear about our discount offers, sign up to our Newsletter today!

What products can I earn a discount on?

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Learner Driver Insurance

Once you’ve held your first Learner Driver Insurance with us, your renewal price will be 10% less¹ than a new customer would pay – helping you as you head towards that magic pass!
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Student Car Insurance

If you’ve held a Learner Insurance policy with Marmalade you’re eligible for 10% off² Student Car Insurance - plus any seasonal discounts on offer.
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Black Box Insurance

Anyone who’s had Learner, Student or Named Young Driver Insurance can earn 5% off³ Black Box Insurance*. If you’re a renewing customer - you're can earn an extra safe driving discount!
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Named Driver Insurance

If you’ve held a Learner Insurance policy, you’ll get 10% off⁴ our car sharing policies - handy for learners and new drivers wanting to share a parent’s car!
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Not yet a Marmalade customer?
We've got young drivers covered at every stage of driving - discover the right product for you with our nifty product finder tool!
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What is a No Claims Discount?
A No Claims discount is a discount that is applied to your Black Box or Named Young Driver insurance quote based on the number of full years you’ve held car insurance and not claimed - regardless of whether you've been a Marmalade customer or not.
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Together let's put pressure on government to do more to prevent on-road bullying of learner drivers!

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