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Discover how reviewing your journeys can help you become a better driver and save money

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Marmalade’s Black Box Insurance allows you to get in the driving seat to earn a safe driving discount at renewal. Download the app once you take your policy out and can start viewing your journeys as soon as you’ve fitted your black box tag.
The app is available via the Apple and Android app stores.
Most of our customers drive safely with no cause for concern. However, repeated dangerous driving could result in additional charges to cover the increased risk of being in an accident for these drivers. Don’t worry, over 95% of our young drivers are not affected by this. You can check out our Driver Caution and Additional Premium process here.

Watch our guide to setting up your app & telematics tag

How to review your driving

Once the tag is fitted, you can log into the app to see how you drive on each journey, and to see on a map where you have driven. The box monitors speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and phone usage. You will be able to see on the map where any excessive speeding, acceleration or braking events occurred – or if you have made a smooth journey with no faults at all.
This can help you to improve your driving skills. You won’t speed on the same road twice if you know you’re doing it. Now don’t worry – we’re not going to penalise you for one-off mistakes, because they happen! Your score is worked out at an average over the whole journey, so if you do need to brake harshly on one occasion you’ll be fine, so long as you don’t do it consistently.

Your driving score - We use a simple traffic light system to let you know how you’re driving – here is how it works:

Green journey icon


Three to Five Stars

You’ve got yourself a green journey. You’re driving is great!

Amber journey icon


Two Stars

You’ve got an amber journey! Don’t worry – it just means there’s aspects of your driving that could be improved.

Red journey icon


One Star

You’ve got a red journey. We’ll work with you to identify the problem, so you can learn from the driving mistake. Don’t worry – one red journey won’t see you land an additional premium.

How to check your journeys

When you log into the app, you can see your score for each journey, and can look at each journey individually. You’ll also get your overall score, which lets you know on average how your driving is going.

If this stays high all year – you’ll earn an extra discount at renewal for safe driving.

There are also great features including the chance to earn badges for good driving.

If this stays high all year – you’ll earn an extra discount at renewal for safe driving.

There are also great features including the chance to earn badges for good driving.

App dashboard screenApp screen journey overviewApp screen point on journey

Our clever app and portal lets you:

  • Review your driving score
  • Check each journey instantly
  • Locate your vehicle
  • Earn streaks and badges
We’re here to help
If you get a red journey, don’t worry – the idea is that technology helps you identify areas for improvement and we’re here to guide you. A member of the team will give you a call and discuss it with you, and where you can improve. We’re not a scary bunch here at Marmalade, we’re here to help and talk you through it.


Marmalade drivers are nearly 3 times safer than the national average!*

Frequently asked questions

How do I know the tag is working?arrow
Once it’s activated the tag will just sit quietly on your windscreen with no lights. Provided your trips are recording it is all in working order. From time to time the light may flash when it is transmitting data to your smartphone or is receiving a firmware upgrade. However, if you notice a red light, there may be an issue so we’d ask you to get in touch with us.
What do I do if I can't see my journey? arrow
Please check that Bluetooth and location services are enabled and that there is no metal or significant barrier between the smartphone and tag (e.g. the glove compartment). If you are having issues, we advise you to find the Marmalade app in your phone settings and turn off the permissions for a few seconds (e.g. location service) and then turn them back on. This should resolve the issue for future journeys.
Can I connect my phone to my car to play music? arrow
Yes, you can. You will need to connect the phone to the car’s on-board computer and change the songs/volume via the car and not on the phone. The phone cannot be touched or in motion whilst driving.
Can I use sat nav on my phone while driving?arrow
Provided that you set the navigation to commence before you turn the ignition on and start your journey, then yes you can. However, once you are driving you should not touch your phone until you are have stopped and turned the engine off, or it will flag as distracted driving.
What do I do if I am a passenger in the vehicle? arrow
If you’re a passenger in the insured car, and not driving, you can turn the Bluetooth off for the journey. If you need to keep your Bluetooth on, it’s best to let the person driving get in their car so that their phone pairs with the tag first, before you get in. If the trip is wrongly assigned to you, you can re-assign the trip in the app.
Can a passenger use my phone during the journey? arrow
Our technology is pretty good, however, it can’t distinguish between the driver or the passenger holding the phone. This means that your phone should not be used by anyone in the car on your journey or it may flag distracted driving.
How much data will the app use?arrow
To measure journey data in real time the app uses about 500KB of data per hour driven. To minimise the data used, you can select to only upload trip data w hen you’re on WiFi.
Can I get cover in Northern Ireland?arrow
Yes indeed, you’ll be pleased to know we are able to provide young driver insurance in the majority of NI postcodes.
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