An affordable way for young drivers to get on the road in a parent’s car

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This cover is suitable for:

bullet pointtickLearner & qualified drivers aged 17-27

bullet pointtickDriving a parent's or grandparent's car

bullet pointtickEarning a No Claims Discount

bullet pointtickSeamless cover from learner to full licence with no price increase on passing

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This cover is not suitable for:

bullet pointclose iconThe young driver as the main driver

bullet pointclose iconShort term cover

bullet pointclose iconInsuring cars more than £30,000 in value

Insurance on your parents’ car

Finding car insurance as a young driver can be a minefield, and that’s before you've thought about getting your own car. Marmalade’s unique Named Young Driver Insurance gives you the freedom to drive your parents’ car, but with your own comprehensive insurance policy - whether you are learning to drive or have passed your driving test. This cost cutting alternative to being added as a named driver has so many more benefits than just saving you money!
Not only will your parents' No Claims Discount remain safe if you need to claim, because it’s your own policy, you’ll start to earn your own NCD. Perfect for when you get your own set of wheels! Using our clever black box technology, we can assess your driving when you’re behind the wheel of your parents’ car, and tailor your renewal premiums based on how well you drive. Find out more about how our black box insurance works in our telematics guide.

What are the benefits of having Named Young Driver Insurance?

Benefits for the young driver
Benefits for the parent

    • Drive any time with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions
    • Comprehensive cover that allows you to earn your own No Claims Discount
    • Seamless cover before and after passing your driving test - and the price stays the same when you pass!


    Buying this policy as a learner driver could save you over £200† - and the price won't go up when you pass!



Buying this policy as a learner driver could save you over £200† - and the price won't go up when you pass!


I'm a parent - is this a better option than adding a named driver onto my own policy?

The cost of car insurance can be staggering, and even adding your child as a named driver onto your existing policy, to save money on buying a car, can still be pretty hefty. Our Named Young Driver Insurance is a hassle-free, affordable alternative – designed to save you money and time, whilst still getting excellent insurance cover for your child on your car. When the young driver is behind the wheel, the insurance starts, so if the young driver needs to make a claim, we know it’s during the time the policy is active and this cover is in place.
Don’t worry parents – we’re not monitoring your driving (although you can still log onto your app to see how you’ve driven, if you wish)! We’re only interested when the young driver is behind the wheel and when they’ve started their journey on the app.

    What’s included in our policy?

    Legal liability for death or injury


    Damage to the car owner’s vehicle


    Personal accident up to £2,500


    Medical expenses up to £250


    Personal belongings up to £100


    3 quick steps to get covered

    Get a quote
    Get a quote in minutes, to see how much you could save with our Named Young Driver Insurance.
    Get covered!
    The great news is that you can be covered to drive the car straight away, or on a date you choose in the next 30 days – simply pay, and you can be on your way – with no curfews!
    Fit your black box
    Once you’ve arranged cover, we’ll send you a link to our Young Driver app and an easy-to-fit box (called a “tag” as it’s so small). All we ask is you fit it straight away and take your phone on every trip.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is my cover affected during lockdown?arrow
    My parents are worried about how it will affect their policy. Is it Dual Insurance?arrow
    Will this policy cover me as the main driver of the car?arrow
    How do you know who is driving the car?arrow
    Is there a mileage allowance on this policy?arrow

    Frequently asked questions

    Is my cover affected during lockdown?

    Your cover is not affected during this time. All drivers are covered for the purposes specified on their policy - this means that should you make a non-essential journey your cover will still be in force. There had been suggestion in the press that some car insurance policies will be invalid if you drive for a non-essential purpose. This is not the case. However, we do stress that you should follow government guidelines, as they are in place for good reason and for your own safety and well-being.

    Will this policy cover me as the main driver of the car?

    No, this policy is designed for young drivers that borrow their parents’ car for occasional use. Our Black Box Insurance for your own car will cover you as main user of the car if the car is up to 25 years old. 

    Is there a mileage allowance on this policy?

    Yes, the policyholder is insured to drive up to 10,000 miles per year, provided they are driving less than 50% of the trips in the car.

    My parents are worried about how it will affect their policy. Is it Dual Insurance?

    It won’t affect the main insurance at all! This insurance cover is a policy that covers you while you are behind the wheel. Here is the technical bit… Dual insurance occurs when, in the case of insurance against loss or damage, the same items are insured against a certain risk under more than one insurance policy. Cover is only provided under this policy for you. The main insurance covers the vehicle and named drivers - therefore it does not cover the same risk as the main policy.

    How do you know who is driving the car?

    The insured driver’s phone will pair with tag every time they drive via Bluetooth so we will know every time they are behind the wheel. However, if a trip is wrongly assigned, you can re-assign the trip in the app. Please be aware that dishonestly re-assigning your trips could result in cancellation of your insurance.

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    Why choose our Named Young Driver Insurance?

    Car cover icon

    Flexible payment options

    Choose to pay monthly, or in full - whatever suits you and your budget.

    No claim icon

    No Claims Discount

    You will start to build up your own No Claims Discount with this policy and if you need to make a claim, your parents NCD won't be affected

    Clock icon

    No curfews

    Drive day or night with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions. After all, driving is all about freedom!

    Tick icon

    Cover before & after you pass

    Get insurance as a full or provisional licence holder, and we won’t increase the premium when you pass! Just give us a quick call to let us know.


    Get set for the open road!

    with insurance from the UK's leading name in young driver insurance*

    Join thousands of young drivers enjoying comprehensive cover with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.


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