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When choosing the first car for a new driver, there's so many options it can be hard to know what to choose! Here's our top 8 cars for young drivers

When it comes to looking for the first car for a young driver, it can seem like a really daunting and challenging task – with so many makes and models on the market, who knows what the best first car is to buy?
We’re here to help, sharing our top best-selling new cars of the last year. We're sharing with you what makes a good first car, as well as some handy pointers on good things to look for in a first car to keep costs low - like the cheaper car insurance groups, fuel economy and the cost of road tax.
Choosing a new car as a first car may be more affordable than you think when you’re working to a budget, as instead of a large initial outlay for the car and insurance, buying a new car on finance allows you to buy the car for a fixed monthly price. The great news is that a brand new car with Marmalade comes with 12 months’ FREE Black Box Insurance, discounted insurance or cashback¹ – plus you won’t have to worry about the cost of an MOT for 3 years!
Hopefully, those top 8 cars have given you some cars to consider when purchasing for a new driver. It's also important to remember that when choosing the first car for a young driver, there are many things to consider. Here are 4 important things to look out for before buying a new set of wheels.

Car insurance

Looking for a car in a low insurance group will help to keep running costs low, as they tend to be more economical and cheaper to insure. You reduce the cost of insurance further with a black box insurance policy.

Road tax

Remember to check how much tax your new wheels will cost you – smaller cars with lower emissions will generally be cheaper to tax. It's good to know that if you finance a car through Marmalade, your first year’s tax will be paid for!


Check the Miles per Gallon figures for the cars you’re considering. This will help you to work out what running costs may be. Remember, newer cars tend to be more fuel-efficient than older models which will see you saving at the pump!


Safety is incredibly important and it could reduce the risk of a claim, which could save you money on your insurance too. Check your chosen cars NCAP safety rating, and check out other young drivers reviews to see what they think!

1 Fiat 500

This fun, quirky and retro inspired car has been a top selling model over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why it's a great starter car for a new driver. It’s efficient on fuel (47-72mpg), is light and easy to handle, and will see you have cheaper than average insurance costs too! It’s also won multiple awards like the Sunday Times top City Car, which means it’s a practical and reliable yet fun purchase for young drivers as their first car. What's more - the launch of the new Fiat 500 Hybrid range allows young drivers to have lower C02 emissions and help resolve sea pollution with the introduction of the recyled fibre made from plastic collected in the sea in the interior!

2 VW Polo

Volkswagen have been making the Polo since 1975 and it continues to be a favourite with young drivers from then to now. It’s reliable, diverse and a great size for new drivers because there’s plenty of room for passengers inside but doesn’t feel heavy or sluggish to drive! There's also ample safety features like Pedestrian Detection and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, minimising the risk of an accident. There's no wonder why many people choose the Volkswagen Polo as a first car.

3 Vauxhall Corsa

When thinking about the first car to get a new driver, a Corsa is definitely going to be one of the one you’ll consider, and it’s a great choice. They’re well-engineered, high quality cars that will help to keep young drivers safe on the roads from the moment they pass their test and take them into many years of driving. Not only that, but they’re great on running costs too – such as fuel economy and cheap insurance prices.

4 Ford Fiesta

Celebrated as being Britain’s best top-selling car of all time means this car always has and continues to be a great purchase for young drivers who are looking for good first cars. The Fiesta is safe, compact and stylish as well as being reliable and cheap to run. Choosing the Ford Fiesta as a first car makes sense because you'll find driving and parking it a breeze with it's Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Aid and so much more tech to help you behind the wheel.

5 SEAT Ibiza

Young drivers love the SEAT Ibiza and everything it has to offer. The Ibiza offers great design with LED headlights, and the convenience of Keyless entry! The latest makeover of this supermini has enhanced the style and drive from all previous versions, and young drivers have taken it to their hearts. If you’re looking for a car that’ll suit a young driver for years to come this is a great choice.

6 Hyundai i10

The smallest of the Hyundai i range is the Hyundai i10! It’s a smart, dependable, and great value small car for first drivers. Don’t let the small car fool you either – there’s bags of space inside giving plenty of room for young drivers and friends or family for the road trips they’re longing for. It's also full of curring-edge technology and safety equiptment like Lane Keeping Assist and a Forward Collision Warning System which monitors the distance between you and the vehicle ahead, giving vidual and audible alerts if the risk of collision is detected.

7 Renault Clio

The brand-new Renault Clio is a showstopper and will definitely turn some heads when taken out on the roads. With plenty of colour options and tech choices, young drivers can take this model and really make it their own – whilst enjoying great MPG and tax costs. The Clio has been named Carbuyer Car of the Year 2020!

8 Audi A1

For those new drivers who may want to spend a little more on their first set of wheels, you can’t go far wrong with an Audi A1. This high quality, reliable and stylish car is the perfect choice for new drivers. There’s plenty of room inside so it grows with young drivers as they get older, but never fails in bringing a smile to your face when you’re behind the wheel.

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