Cheapest cars to insure

If you're looking for a brand new car, but want to watch the pennies, here are some of the cheapest cars to insure!

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Cheapest cars to insure for young drivers

If you’re a young driver, the first year of insuring your own car is likely to be the most expensive – putting a big hole in your pocket, especially as you have the cost of buying a car factored in too. To help bring those costs down in the first year, Marmalade offers a new car and insurance deal for 17-24-year-olds, that helps with that expensive first year by offering 12 months’ free insurance or discounted insurance with a new car.
Fiat 500

Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is an ever-popular choice with young drivers! Retro chic looks teamed with a great driving experience and affordable running costs make this stylish supermini a perfect first car.

VW Polo

VW Polo


The Volkswagen Polo is a quality built car perfect for young drivers. If you’re looking for a smart supermini that is roomy, reliable and clever then this could be a smart choice for you!


Vauxhall Corsa


The Corsa remains one of the best-selling cars in our range - and for good reason! Fun and enjoyable to drive, yet safe and amazingly spacious, a Corsa is a great first car for young drivers.


Renault Clio


The Renault Clio has been fending off challengers to its supermini crown for the best part of 30 years, yet somehow it remains one of the sector's freshest and most stylish options.

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Black Box Insurance!
Our new car deals* come with 12 months’ Black Box Insurance. Using black box technology is a clever way for young drivers to keep insurance costs down and develop safe driving skills.
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Young boy and girl in car
Young boy and girl in car

Cheaper insurance with a black box

Review your driving with our clever app and portal makes it easy to develop safe driving skills


Drive day and night with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions


Start building your own No Claims Discount and earn a safe driving discount at renewal if you drive well


Why choose a new car from Marmalade?

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Plenty to choose from

When it comes to choosing your new car, we have plenty of options for you to choose from! Browse our wide range of brand new cars and see which suits you best.
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Monthly payments

After paying your deposit, you'll have fixed monthly payments for your car for the term you've chosen. You also won't have to worry about insurance for a year with our free insurance for 12 months!

Peace of mind

All our new cars come with a manufacturers warranty and 12 months’ breakdown cover. You won’t need to worry about when last owner replaced the brake pads or the cam-belt – as it will be yours from new.
Plus, you don’t need to worry about an MOT for 3 years!

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Choose your car from our huge range - many include 12 months’ free or discounted insurance.

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Secure your brand-new car with a small deposit from just £500.
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