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Peugeot has been around for over 200 years and, with such a strong heritage, they know a thing or two about building quality cars. With an excellent record for reliability, Peugeot have won many international awards including four European Car of the Year awards. As you might expect from a French manufacturer, Peugeot’s cars look undeniably chic with plenty of flair and style.

Renowned for making good looking compact cars that are environmentally sound which won’t let you down. The smaller models 108 and 208 are nippy, fun and practical run-around cars.

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Best known for...

In a busy supermini market so it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Peugeot does a good job with the 108 model, offering plenty of funky, flamboyant colours to choose from including Purple Berry, Tahoe Blue and Alkinite Bronze! There’s also lots of options to personalise and jazz up this compact little car to make it your own.

Just like the previous 107 model, the 108 is built as a joint venture between the Peugeot-Citroen group and Toyota. The three companies have all been able to cut costs which are passed on to the consumer, and as a result, you end up getting far more bang for your buck, especially with the tech side of things.

Peugeot are passionate about leading the way with environmental innovation and they must be doing a pretty good job as they rank second lowest for CO2 emissions among the general motoring brands in Europe. Not only does the 108 look funky but it benefits from impressive fuel economy and very low emissions on the smaller engines.

Peugeot car image
Peugeot car image

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What is a guarantor?arrow
A guarantor is someone who formally guarantees to pay the finance if the young driver is unable to make the repayments.
What is the benefit of adding a guarantor to my finance application?arrow
If you're aged under 21, you're unlikely to have built up much credit history, so approval will be based on your personal circumstances. Having a guarantor increases your chance of being approved - thus allowing you to start building up your credit score.
How does the insurance allowance work?arrow
It’s pretty simple really. Your quote will let you know the cashback amount available on your chosen car. This is the allowance we’ll pay you to put towards your insurance. We’ll pay this directly into your bank account by BACS on delivery of your brand new car!
You’re free to insure the car with any provider (we think it’s only fair!) Of course, we’d love you to choose Marmalade for your car insurance – so don’t forget to get a quote for our black box insurance once you’ve chosen your dream car. You’ll enjoy comprehensive cover, no curfews and you could earn an extra safe driving discount of up to 25% at renewal* if you drive well – on top of any No Claims Discount you earn!
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We'll send you a renewal price, but you don't have to take it and if you can find a more suitable policy somewhere else you can move your insurance (we'll miss you though!)

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