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Ford cars for young drivers

From: £269 p/m


If there’s one car manufacturer that’s instantly recognisable, it has to be Ford. This household name has been gracing our roads for just over a century, since 1907. 

Quite simply, Ford is a giant and one of the original masters in building and designing top class cars. Despite being an American born and bred business, people in the UK have had a constant love affair with all things Ford.

Best known for making well designed cars that are excellent value and persistent best sellers, Ford can seemingly do no wrong. They’re a family run business and these family values translate into the design and build of their cars: dependable, safe and of great quality.

Best known for...

With some undeniable classics over the years including the 1970s Capri and Escort, Ford are now best known for two current favourites: the Fiesta and the Focus.

For the last seven years in a row, the Ford Fiesta has been the most popular car in the UK outselling the second favourite, the Vauxhall Corsa. Born back in 1976, this popular run-around has gone through many transformations over the years to the sleek and stylish Fiesta that we know and love today. 

So why’s the Ford Fiesta so popular? Perhaps we should ask ourselves - what’s not to love? With its good looks it’s a real joy to drive, plus it’s reliable and economical. This neat little car really does seem to have it all. And, let’s not forget the Focus which has the title for best-selling hatchback car in the UK. The Focus is roomy, attractive and exciting to drive too. It’s no wonder Ford remains a firm favourite with our young drivers.

Ford models available

If you’re after a car that is trustworthy, great value but gives you a real thrill in it’ driving experience, you can’t beat a Ford. Whether you’re looking for a compact run around or a car that gives you a bit more space for your mates and your luggage, Ford have nailed it. 

Ford Focus

Just as stylish and fun to drive, the Focus is a bit roomier than the Fiesta. It’s still economical and has top scores for safety too. 

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Ford Fiesta

Good looking, beautiful and a thrilling drive. Plus it’s cheap to run and scores a maximum 5 out of 5 for safety, just a few reasons it’s the nation’s favourite.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a guarantor? Plus Icon

A guarantor is someone who formally guarantees to pay the finance if the young driver is unable to make the repayments.

Before agreeing to become a guarantor for young driver, it is important you check that you would be able to afford the repayments (if they fail to pay the finance instalments), as non-payment pay could affect both yours, and their, credit score and result in repossession of the car.

How does the insurance work? Plus Icon

We offer you a personalised quote based on your age and postcode and the majority of our customers really do get free insurance. We know it's a big outlay buying and insuring your first car. We developed this offer to help ease the pain during what's probably going to be your most expensive year of car insurance – whilst you build up that first year's all important no claims bonus. Our insurance is underwritten by Highway Insurance (part of the Liverpool Victoria Group)

What is the benefit of adding a guarantor to my finance application? Plus Icon

If you're aged under 21, you're unlikely to have built up much credit history, so approval will be based on your personal circumstances. Having a guarantor increases your chance of being approved - thus allowing you to start building up your credit score.

What happens after the first year? Plus Icon

We'll send you a renewal price, but you don't have to take it and if you can find a more suitable policy somewhere else you can move your insurance (we'll miss you though!)

How long until I get my new car? Plus Icon

Good question. It depends on the car you're after and how far you want to go customising it! If you want your car delivered ASAP give us a call on 0333 358 3441 to find out what's available now. If you've got your heart set on a certain colour or upgrade the car may have to be made to order. Whatever your circumstances, our friendly team can talk you through timescales for the different options – and we'll keep you posted on progress until it's delivered.

Representative example

Buy on a 4 year Personal Contract Purchase at 9.2% APR

48 monthly payments of
12 months insurance

At the end of the 4 years you can hand the car back to the finance company or pay a final payment of £7,050.75.

Drive up to 8000 miles per year.

Here's how we worked out the loan

£17,698.50Question IconCash price This is amount you are paying for the car.

£17,198.50Question IconLoan amount after the deposit This is the amount you are borrowing and will pay interest on.

£4,190.25Question IconTotal charge for credit This is the total amount of interest you will pay on the finance agreement.

£0.00Question IconAdmin fee This is an administration fee that the finance lender charge to set up your credit agreement.

£21,888.83Question IconTotal amount payable This is the total amount you would pay to own the car (including the deposit, the 48 monthly payments and the final payment.

4.05%Question IconThe fixed rate of interest The interest rate will remain consistent throughout the term of your loan, meaning your monthly payments will remain the same.

The figures above are based on an 18 year old living at PO107RJ. Young Marmalade Ltd, acting as a credit broker, will introduce you to a select panel of lenders. *This can be increased for an additional cost after you apply (excess mileage is charged if you hand your car back at the end of the term. The excess mileage rate will be specified in your finance agreement.)

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