A parent's guide to young driver insurance

Discover how Black Box Insurance can help your child get on the road and develop their driving skills.

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Choosing the best insurance for a young driver

Helping your child get on the road for the first time? It can be difficult to know where to start – plus, the cost of lessons, a car, and insurance for young drivers adds up… Young driver insurance with black box technology could potentially make the costs a bit more manageable. Marmalade offers black box insurance options on the young driver's own car, as well as on a parent's or grandparent's car. This takes away the pressure of buying a car straight away and helps them earn that all-important No Claims Discount.
Marmalade offer black box insurance options on the young driver's own car, as well as on a parent's or grandparent's car. This takes the pressure off buying a car for them straight away and helps them earn that all-important No Claims Discount!

Discover annual insurance options on a family car or the young driver's car

On the young driver's car
On a parent's or grandparent's car

Marmalade Black Box Insurance

    • No curfews or night time driving restrictions
    • Instant, comprehensive, online cover
    • Self fit black box and smart app
    • Young Driver earns their own No Claims Discount
    • Seamless cover from provisional to full licence
    • The price stays the same when they pass their test!

Unsure what policy to choose?

We’ve got a handy tool to help you figure it out - simply answer a few questions and we’ll show you the options that may suit your young driver.

Discover more about the cover that could suit your young driver...

Why choose a Marmalade Black Box policy?

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Cover at every stage

From learner to full licence, we have young drivers covered and the price stays the same when they pass their test!
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No curfews

Young drivers have the freedom to drive day and night with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.
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Young driver earns NCD!

With our annual insurance they earn their own No Claims Discount whether they're driving their own car or are sharing a parent's car.
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Our drivers are safer drivers

This smart technology makes our drivers nearly 4 times safer than the national average², offering you peace of mind!¹

Should I buy a car for my child?

    When it comes to getting on the road, one size doesn't fit all. Your young driver having a car of their own will very much depend on your personal circumstances and affordability. If they’re going to be the main driver and driving the vehicle more than you, it might be worth looking into buying their own vehicle and insurance policy. However, if they are going to be using it less frequently, are planning on taking a gap year, or they’re heading off to uni, it could be more cost effective to share the family car until they need a car of their own or have saved up for their first car. The great news is that Marmalade has a variety of cover options, whatever you choose.
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    Our pick of 10 cars suitable for young drivers

      Of course, when your child is setting off on thier driving journey, sooner or later they're probably going to want a car of their own! This car needs to not break the bank, whether that’s the price to buy the car or maintain it! A big cost to factor in is how much it’s going to cost you to insure because, without insurance, they can’t legally drive it. Here are the models many young drivers consider for their first car:
      • Peugeot 107
      • Citroen C1
      • Toyota Aygo
      • Ford KA
      • Fiat 500
      • Vauxhall Corsa
      • Volkswagen Polo
      • Renault Clio
      • Ford Fiesta
      • Seat Ibiza
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      Helping young drivers become safer drivers

      Can Black Box Insurance make my child a safer driver?arrow
      It absolutely can encourage safe driving habits, and the stats speak for themselves, as Marmalade Black Box Insurance policyholders are 72% less likely to be involved in an accident than the national average². Of course, the black box doesn't magically improve their driving, but it does encourage them to be more conscious of their driving style - particularly if they are keen to earn their own No Claims Discount at renewal!
      How does it work?arrow
      Put simply, the black box device is fitted to the car, and whenever the car is driven the box will record data from that journey. With Marmalade’s insurance, the device is monitoring acceleration, braking, and average speed. Journeys are scored Green, Red and Amber based on the data received, and the safer the journey, the better the score!
      Will there be restrictions on their driving?arrow
      Nope! We certainly don’t believe there should be – why shouldn’t a young person be able to go out after 10pm? We champion young drivers to be the best possible versions of themselves, so we don’t enforce any curfews or night-time driving restrictions.
      Would my driving, as a parent, be monitored?arrow
      If you are driving your child's car as a named driver on their Black Box Insurance policy then your journeys will be taken into account, as we don't know who is driving. However, if the young driver is driving your car using our Named Young Driver Insurance policy, then whilst the journey will be recorded, it won't be taken into account - as the young driver will be logging their journey's with an app.

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