Parent advice

Advice and guides for parents helping their learner driver on their driving journey

Teaching Your Child To Drive During Half Term

Helping a learner driver practice their skills during half term holidays may seem like a great idea… that is, if you know where to start!

Top 6 reasons to take your learner driving!

We surveyed parents of learners and discovered what they enjoyed most about helping their child with driving practice!

Learner Driver Insurance Rules

Understand the specifics on learner driver insurance, rules that apply to the learner driver and rules that apply to the supervising driver.

5 top tips to help your child learn how to drive

It is a life-changing rite of passage, but as a parent you want to support your child as much as possible. Here are 5 top tips to help your child learn to drive

Bad driving habits from parents to teens

Parents - are you unknowingly passing on bad driving habits to your child who is learning to drive? Here's some of the worst habits parents have which could be passed on.

Tips to help your daughter or son to pass their driving test

Discover tips and advice to help your son or daughter to learn to drive and pass their test!

Supervising your child as a learner driver

Giving your child some extra private driving practice can help them on the journey to that magic pass - but it doesn't come without its worries!

A back seat view of a driving lesson

After passing your test, it's unlikely you'll remember what it's like to be a learner. Alex has put herself in the back seat of a driving lesson to see what it's like for learners today!

Supporting your child if they fail their driving test

If your child has taken their driving test, but failed, it's likely that they won't be feeling too great at first. There are things you can do to help them.

Overcoming your anxiety when your child starts learning to drive

It's an anxious time when your child wants to learn to drive. To help combat the nerves, we’ve got a handy list of tips and advice to prepare for it.

Can black box insurance make my child a safer driver?

Black box insurance has a proven track record in reducing accidents involving young drivers, so we thought we’d tell you about just how beneficial it can be!

Should I add my child to my car insurance policy?

'Should I add my son or daughter as a named driver?' - It's a question we hear a lot, so here's our guide to getting your child behind the wheel of your car.

Private Practice – Why There's Nothing to Fear!

Don’t let the fear of private practice stop you from hitting the roads – here’s why it’s not as bad as you think!

Top tips for buying your child's first car

Helping your son or daughter buy their first car is as stressful as it is exciting. Our handy tips will help you along in buying your child's first car.

10 steps to getting your teen on the road

We're here to take the stress away by giving you a step by step guide to helping your teen learn to drive

My child has just passed their driving test!

We have put together some advice to help you keep calm when your child passes their driving test!

What scares parents supervising a learner driver?

Discover the top concerns parents have when taking their learner driver out, together with tips to overcome them

Supervising a learner driver top tips!

Are you planning on supervising a learner driver? Then we've got the best tips and advice for you!

Private practice advice for parents!

Expert driving instructor Chris Bensted is here to help parents taking their children out for private driving practice. Check out his top tips for the first driving session!


Parent advice

Advice and guides for parents helping their learner driver on their driving journey.

black box myth busters

Black Box Mythbusters

There’s a lot of misconceptions around driving with a black box – we’ve got the facts on what’s true and false!

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