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Flexible short term cover on a parent’s or friend’s car for 7-28 days - with no risk to their No Claims Discount!

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This cover is suitable for:

bullet pointtickDrivers aged 18-27

bullet pointtickStudents in further education

bullet pointtickStudents at boarding school

bullet pointtickTemporary cover for full licence holders


This cover is not suitable for:

bullet pointclose iconLearner drivers

bullet pointclose iconStudents wanting to insure their own car

bullet pointclose iconStudents aged 17

Help me find my cover

Good to know if you’re the car owner

If you want to help out someone who is coming home for the holidays, by giving them driving freedom in your car, you may not know where to start or know if it’s even possible. Before you pick up the phone to your current insurer, it’s worth knowing that adding a named driver for a short period of time onto your own insurance policy can be expensive, and may incur an admin fee to add and then remove the driver when they head back to University. There’s also the worry that, if they have an accident, you may lose your No Claims Discount.

Marmalade’s Student Driver Insurance cover, allows you to cover a university or boarding school student onto your car in an affordable, hassle-free way. Cover is available from 7-28 days, the perfect amount of time for students visiting home. There’s no setup fee, and, because it sits alongside the main insurance, there is no risk to your well-earned No Claims Discount! The good news is that you won’t need to sit on the phone for ages to your insurance company, as our Student Driver Insurance is easy to set up online in minutes.

Enjoy the benefits of Student Driver Insurance

Benefits for student drivers
Benefits for car owner

    • Temporary car insurance from 7-28 days
    • There’s no risk to the car owners No Claims Discount
    • Exclusively for university and boarding school students with a full licence


    Enjoy a 10% discount if you've held a Learner Insurance policy with Marmalade for 90 days or more*


Enjoy a 10% discount if you've held a Learner Insurance policy with Marmalade for 90 days or more*


4 Flexible cover options available

Choose what you need from a week to a month’s cover

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What’s covered by our Student Driver Insurance policy?

Legal liability

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Damage to the car owner’s vehicle

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Personal accident up to £2,500

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Medical expenses up to £250

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Personal belongings up to £100

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Temporary insurance options

Exclusively for university and boarding school students aged 18-27 it offers fully comprehensive cover for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days when you're behind the wheel - with no risk to the car owner's No Claims Discount!

If you're home for the holidays, it is handy to borrow a car to get out and about - but it can be expensive, not to mention a hassle, getting added as a named driver for just a few weeks. Marmalade's Student Driver Insurance is ideal for temporary cover in the holidays on a family car or friend's car.

3 simple steps to instant cover

Select your cover
Get a quote on a parent’s or friend’s car in minutes
Start driving
You can be covered instantly – the perfect way to kick off the holidays
Sign in and purchase again when you’re next back for the holidays

Frequently asked questions

Can I get temporary insurance on my own car?

No, not with this policy. The policy is designed to sit alongside an existing motor policy of a car owned by someone else. If you have your own car, take a look at our Black Box Insurance, an annual policy which is designed to cover you to drive your own car.

I haven’t started university yet; can I still arrange cover?

Don’t worry if you’ve not started university just yet, we can still help! We’ll just need to see a copy of your offer letter and we'll get you on the road.

Is this type of cover valid on all car groups?

We'll cover cars as long as they're up to insurance group 32 and have a current market value up to £30,000.

Are there any age limits?

Our Student Driver Insurance is available for full licence holders between 18-27 years.

Our customers love us - Here's what they say...

Here's what they say...

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Marmalade is rated by Trustpilot from reviews
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