Car Insurance for 21 Year Olds

Great news! Turning 21 could mean cheaper car insurance!

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21 is the magic number for young drivers’ insurance. Statistics show that you’re less likely to be involved in an accident if you’re 21 and over. It means insurers now view you as a lower-risk driver so you can save valuable pounds on your insurance!
However, you’ll probably find that you’re still paying more than the national average car insurance premium. You’re still classed as a younger driver so don’t expect your insurance to be as cheap as mum and dad’s just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to reduce your premium.

What factors affect my premium when I turn 21?

Insures look at more factors than just your age when deciding your insurance premium, including factors about you and your car. It’s worth noting that not all insurers look at identical risks in the same way. The main factors are:

Where you live

Your home address, where the car is parked impacts the likelihood of being involved in a road accident or theft, as well as cost of car repairs.

Your age

We’ve already highlighted that young drivers are more likely to pay more for their insurance – discover more about how telematics (aka black box technology) can keep the cost of insurance down here.

Your occupation

Insurers will look at the risk of you being in an accident, and the anticipated cost of the claim based on what you do for a living. Courier drivers and professional entertainers and sports people may pay more.

Driving history

Insurers want to know if you’ve had an accident or driving convictions in the past, as this gives them an idea of how likely this is to happen again – a clear record will often mean cheaper premiums.

Driving activity

It’s important your honest to ensure you have the right cover by being honest with the miles you expect to drive. Surprisingly, driving fewer miles doesn’t always mean lower premiums!

The car you’re driving

This is a biggie, it’s unsurprising that the lower the insurance group, the lower the premium, so choosing a smaller, less powerful car should make insurance more affordable. It’s worth noting that if your car’s been modified, that may drive your premium up too.

How does Black Box Insurance help 21-year-old drivers?

    Our Black Box Insurance allows your insurance price to be influenced by your driving skills. By measuring your acceleration, braking and average speed, we can offer discounts for safer drivers on renewal and tailored quotes based on your skills, not the statistical average.,Our aim is to champion younger drivers by helping you get on the road in a safer and more affordable way. Here’s a few ways we help you do that:
    • It’s simple! - we trust you to drive safely from the start, so we offer our lowest premium with no complicated points schemes or cashbacks later on.
    • No curfews - as an adult you don’t have curfews, nor does our policy. You can drive whenever you like, day or night, without worrying about night-time driving penalties.
    • Building your No Claims Bonus- whether you’re on a provisional or a full licence, you can start building your own NCB and it’s portable, so you can take it with you to your next policy.
    • Clever app and portal- develop safe driving habits for live with the ability to review your journey’s instantly and see where you’ve driven well, and any areas for improvement.
    • Affordable cover on your own car or your parent’s motor- We’ll insure you on your own car as the main driver.
    • But if you’re an occasional driver on your parent’s car, we offer a practical and potentially cheaper alternative, Named Young Driver Insurance, without risking their NCB!
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    See how much you can save with Black Box Insurance
    Enjoy instant comprehensive cover for 12 months and start collecting your own No Claims Discount!

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