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Our guide can help young drivers decide whether telematics insurance is right for them

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Telematics insurance (also known as Black Box Insurance) can help young drivers get a more affordable premium based on how they drive rather than just their age or experience.
Can I view my driving data?
Yes. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll spend far longer checking out your driving data than we will. Your data is only flagged to us if you’re driving dangerously, but you can check your driving stats anytime.
All the driving data is stored in the Marmalade Insurance App which you will have downloaded to pair to the tag, where you can view all the acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, and phone usage info your telematics tag has collected. You can track how you’ve been driving according to our simple red, amber and green flagging system, giving you total transparency.
It’s a great way to get insight into the way you drive, where you can improve, and where you’re doing really well.

Why does Marmalade use telematics?

The unfortunate, and often tragic, truth is that there is a direct correlation¹ between young drivers and car accidents. That’s why car insurance for young drivers is more expensive.
Marmalade’s black box assists us in enabling more young drivers to get onto the road and become better drivers². With Marmalade 1 in 18 young drivers are involved in an accident within the first 6 months of their policy versus nationally, where 1 in 5 young drivers are involved in an accident within 6 months of passing their test.
We know that everyone has the potential to be a great driver. And while we know we can’t change the accident statistics overnight, we also know that there are 10s of 1000s of young drivers who have never had any problems out on the road. We like to take an individual view on driving ability rather than trust in the statistics of the majority, and the best way for us to do that is to review and help improve driving style through telematics technology.

Telematics mythbusters

The truth about curfews

Many think having a black box equals having a curfew - Wrong! While some insurers impose curfews or impose penalties for driving at night (as they see it as a riskier time to drive) Marmalade champions young drivers and won’t restrict your driving hours. Lots of young drivers want to work or socialise late in the evening, and, of course, the whole point of driving is to gain independence.
We believe that allowing young people to drive when they want allows them to develop their driving skills at all times of day and night. In fact, there could be a higher risk of an accident if a young driver is rushing to get home before their curfew. At the end of the day, we trust young drivers to drive safely.

The truth about mileage restrictions

Unlike some insurers, with Marmalade's Black Box Insurance, there isn’t a cap imposed on how many miles you can do each year, so there aren’t any penalties to worry about. Who knows where life will take you? Commuting, road trips, just driving locally – wherever you want to drive, we’re here to help, not impose constraints.
When you’re filling in insurance forms for any insurance company, just be honest about your mileage. This helps us insurers make sure you’re properly protected and that you receive the best quote for you. Misleading insurers about your mileage can affect any claims that you make.

The truth about contacting the police

So, this one is not actually a myth, but don't worry, we will only share the data with the police if we receive a formal request - this is not sent pro-actively if you break the speed limit. The police can request driving data if they have a reason to investigate a driver. By law, we have to work with the authorities to provide the relevant information.
How often has this happened?
We have had less than a handful of requests in the last 6 months, so this kind of request is very, very rare.

The truth about driving mistakes

It's a common misconception that one driving mistake will lead to an increased premium or penalty. This simply isn't true, genuine driving mistakes will not lead to increased premiums. There would only be an increase if the mistakes happened repeatedly.

OK, so I won’t get penalised. So what does happens when I make a mistake?

Our black box measures acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, and mobile phone usage. If there are a number of points in the journey where you have driven “at-risk” then it will flag as a red journey. Here’s what happens next:
The first time this happens you’ll receive a call from the Marmalade team within 24 hours to talk you through the journey. We’ll have a chat about what went wrong, and give you tips to improve and avoid more red journeys in the future.
With our Black Box Insurance, for a premium increase to happen, you’d have to have 3 red journeys. On our Named Young Driver Insurance, there is no premium increase.
At the end of the day, we know that mistakes happen. We’re not here to punish you – we’re here to encourage drivers to be self-aware and to drive more safely.

And what about a genuinely one-off incident on an otherwise good journey?

Our telematics devices are smart. If a single mistake happens or you have a genuine reason to brake suddenly, it won’t trigger a red journey. There have to be multiple points in a journey when the driver has driven at risk for a red journey to be flagged, so a single hiccup won’t matter – we understand, and our technology understands, that these things happen.
Also, for any premium increase to occur, a driver has to rack up multiple red journeys within a given period. Premium increases only happen when drivers repeatedly drive at risk – and less than 1 in 10 of our drivers are asked to pay a premium increase, so it really is just the rare few.
Black Box Insurance
Named Young Driver Insurance

Marmalade’s Black Box Insurance is a telematics policy designed for young drivers who are the main driver of their own car. It’s useful for drivers aged 17 – 30 and the main benefits are:

    • Instant comprehensive cover
    • Start earning your own No Claims Discount
    • No curfews or night-time driving restrictions
    • Cover on a full or provisional licence & no price increase on passing
    • Click to get a quote
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What does the telematics device measure?
The device looks at the location and distance of each journey and measures acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and mobile phone use. Don't worry this doesn’t mean we’ll be scrutinising every second of your driving, we are only concerned if there are repeated incidences of unsafe driving. It may be re-assuring to know that the vast majority of journeys driven are “green” (meaning good!)
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See how much you can save with Black box Insurance
Enjoy instant comprehensive cover for 12 months and start collecting your own No Claims Discount!

How does telematics insurance work?

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Discreet telematics tag

Marmalade uses a small telematics tag that sits directly behind your rear-view mirror that transmits driving data to us for every journey.
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GPS Data Transmission

Your driving date is sent to us via a GPS signal. This gives us a more accurate picture of how you drive, allowing us to adapt the cost of car insurance to your particular driving style.
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Save money at renewal

Stick to speed limits and the rules of the road and you’ll be rewarded with a safe driving discount at renewal.

Parent advice

Advice and guides for parents helping their learner driver on their driving journey.

black box myth busters

Black Box Mythbusters

There’s a lot of misconceptions around driving with a black box – we’ve got the facts on what’s true and false!

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