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Discover our smart app to see when you've been driving well and where there's room for improvement.

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If you’ve chosen a telematics policy with Marmalade, the Marmalade Insurance App, paired with your smart telematics tag, allows you to get in the driving seat and develop your driving skills – whilst also helping you to earn your No Claims Discount at renewal. You’ll be sent a link to the app once you take your policy out, and can start viewing your journeys as soon as you’ve installed your tag on your windscreen.
The app is available via the Apple and Android app stores.
Read more about our driver caution process here. Please be assured that the vast majority of drivers stay in the green, and drive with no cause for concern. The idea of the rating system is to help you identify areas for improvement, so you can develop safe driving habits that will last a lifetime!
Start earning streaks!
When you’re driving well, you’ll earn streaks and achievement badges for good driving, based on trips where you have had no phone distraction, no speeding, no hard braking, no harsh acceleration, and no hard corning.
We're here to help!
If you get a red journey, don’t worry – the idea is that technology helps you identify areas for improvement and we’re here to guide you. You can access driving tips on the app and a member of the team will give you a call and discuss it with you, including where you can improve. We’re not a scary bunch here at Marmalade, we’re here to help and talk you through it. If you do continue to drive at risk and have repeated red journeys, we do follow a driver caution process to encourage improvement, and reduce the risk of an accident. Please be aware that repeated red journeys can result in your policy being cancelled.

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How to get started with the app

Once you’ve purchased your policy, you’ll receive registration details and a link to our Marmalade Insurance App by email. The telematics tag should arrive with you in the next few days.

If you've chosen our Annual Named Young Driver Insurance and your policy starts before you receive the tag, you are still insured to drive. However, we do ask that the tag is installed, and paired with the app, as soon as you receive it to ensure cover remains in force.

If you've selected our Pay As You Go Insurance, your cover will only start when the tag has been installed and is linked with your smartphone.

The tag couldn’t be easier to fit as it’s self-adhesive. Simply stick it directly onto the inside of your windscreen, behind the rear-view mirror. Once fitted, you should link it with your smartphone by following the instructions on your Marmalade Insurance App. As part of this, it’s important you enable location services and notifications to ensure they pair properly – you’ll also need to ensure Bluetooth is enabled on every journey. Once this is done, you are ready to go!

Your driving score - We use a simple traffic light system to let you know how you’re driving – here is how it works:

Happy face


Driving score of three, four or five stars

You’ve got yourself a green journey. Your driving is great!

Neutral face


Driving score of two stars

You’ve got an amber journey! Don’t worry – it just means there’s aspects of your driving that could be improved.

Sad face


Driving score of one star

You’ve got a red journey. We’ll work with you to identify the problem, so you can learn from the driving mistake.

How to check your journeys

When you access the app, you will see your overall score based on the trips you’ve taken over the last two weeks. You’ll also see your latest journey, any achievements earned, plus an overall trendline of your driving.

If you want to delve deeper you can see individual journeys, which show where you have driven, how well you’ve performed in every aspect, we monitor and where there are areas for improvement. We use star ratings so it’s easy to see how you're driving!

If you want to delve deeper you can see individual journeys, which show where you have driven, how well you’ve performed in every aspect, we monitor and where there are areas for improvement. We use star ratings so it’s easy to see how you're driving!

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Our smart app lets you:

  • Review your driving score
  • Check each journey instantly
  • See where you’ve driven well and where you can improve

What’s being monitored?

    The fact is that you’ll probably spend a lot more time reviewing your individual journeys than we will. We appreciate that some journeys will not be perfect – for example, you may need to brake suddenly, or accelerate to overtake. Unsafe driving is only flagged to us when there are repeated instances in a journey, which will flag as a red journey.
    The key aspects of your driving that we are interested in are:
    • Acceleration
    • Braking
    • Cornering
    • Speed
    • Phone distraction
    • Crash detection
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    Frequently asked questions

    How do I know the tag is working?arrow
    Once it’s activated, the tag will just sit quietly on your windscreen with no lights. Provided your trips are recording, it is all in working order. From time to time, the light may flash when it is transmitting data to your smartphone or is receiving a firmware upgrade. However, if you notice a red light, there may be an issue, so we’d ask you to get in touch with us.
    Why can’t I see my journeys? arrow
    Please check that Bluetooth and location services are enabled and that there is no metal or significant barrier between the smartphone and tag (e.g. the glove compartment). If you are having issues, we advise you to find the Marmalade Insurance App in your phone settings and turn off the permissions for a few seconds (e.g. location service) and then turn them back on. This should resolve the issue for future journeys.
    Can I connect my phone to my car to play music? arrow
    Yes, you can. You will need to connect the phone to the car’s on-board computer and change the songs/volume via the car and not on the phone. The phone cannot be touched or in motion whilst driving.
    Can I use a navigation app on my phone while driving?arrow
    Provided that you set the navigation to commence before you turn the ignition on and start your journey, then yes you can. However, once you are driving you should not touch your phone until you have stopped and turned the engine off, or it will flag as distracted driving.
    What do I do if I am a passenger in the vehicle? arrow
    If you’re a passenger in the insured car, and not driving, you can turn the Bluetooth off for the journey. If you need to keep your Bluetooth on, it’s best to let the person driving get in their car so that their phone pairs with the tag first, before you get in. If the trip is wrongly assigned to you, you can re-assign the trip in the app. Please be aware that dishonestly re-assigning your trips could result in cancellation of your insurance.
    Can a passenger use my phone during the journey? arrow
    Our technology is pretty good; however, it can’t distinguish between the driver or the passenger holding the phone. This means that your phone should not be used by anyone in the car on your journey or it may flag distracted driving.
    How much data will the app use?arrow
    To measure journey data in real time, the app uses about 500KB of data per hour driven. To minimise the data used, you can select to only upload trip data w hen you’re on Wi-Fi.

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