What is covered with Marmalade Annual Insurance on a parent's car?

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Our annual Named Young Driver Insurance covers young drivers when they are behind the wheel of the parent’s car that is specified on the policy, provided they are driving less than 50% of the trips in the car.
We'll cover provisional and full licence holders aged 17-27 on most cars up to insurance group 32 with a current value up to £30,000, provided the vehicle is already insured by the car owner and is up to 20 years old. If you’re a learner, it even covers whoever is supervising your driving if they have to take control of the wheel in an emergency.

What’s included in your cover?

Legal liability for death or injury to any other person, including passengers
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Legal liability for damage to other people’s property up to £20,000,000
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Damage to the insured car
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Windscreen repair/replacement
Personal Accident Benefits: For you or your spouse for death or loss of limbs/sight up to age 69
Up to £2,500
Medical expenses
Up to £250
Personal belongings
Up to £100
Foreign Use
Excess (payable in the event of a claim)
This summary does not describe all the terms and conditions of your policy, so please take time to read the Policy Booklet so that you understand the cover it provides.
Do you have a question about our Named Young Driver Insurance? Click here to read our Named Young Driver Insurance FAQs.

Cancelling your policy

Cancelling within the 14-day cooling off period
Cancelling outside the cooling off period

We hope you’ll stick with Marmalade but if you do decide to leave us within 14 days of the policy start date, here’s what to expect:

    • We will refund the part of the initial premium, payable by you, that has not been used and a cancellation fee of £60 will apply for the provision of the telematics device.
    • If we declare your policy void on the grounds of fraudulent activity, we will be entitled to keep any premium you have paid.
    • If there has been a loss claim there will be no refund and the full annual premium is payable.

Other fees and charges

Making changes to your policy
Replacing the telematics tag

    • If you make changes to the policy during the policy term, we will charge up to £15 to make a mid-term adjustment.
    • At the time you contact us to make the change, we’ll let you know the total price to be paid, including any fees, taxes and charges separately from the premium, so that you know the full breakdown before any changes are completed.

Happy with the cover?

It's quick and easy to get a quote to share the family car - with no risk the car owner's No Claims Discount!

Frequently asked questions

How do you know the young driver is behind the wheel?arrow
The insured driver’s phone will pair with tag every time they drive via Bluetooth so we will know every time they are driving. However, if a trip is wrongly assigned, you can re-assign the trip in the app. Please be aware that dishonestly re-assigning your trips could result in cancellation of your insurance.
Can I drive before the telematics device is fitted?arrow
You can drive from the start date of your policy, or cover will be in force as soon as you have paid if you have selected today’s date. All we ask is that you fit your telematics tag as soon as you receive it, and pair it with your smartphone, to ensure that cover remains in force.
Is there a mileage limit on this policy?arrow
The policyholder is insured to drive a maximum of 10,000 miles per year, provided they are driving less than 50% of the trips in the car. As this policy is designed for a secondary user of the car, we believe this a very generous limit, so cover will not be provided for over 10,000 miles. If the young driver is going to be the main driver, our Black Box Insurance may be more suitable.
How much does it cost to have the telematics device installed?arrow
The cost of the telematics tag is included in your insurance premium. Please note that if the policy is cancelled during the cooling off period, we will retain a £60 cancellation fee to cover the cost of the telematics tag.
Can I pay monthly for my insurance?arrow
Yes. You will need to pay a deposit of 20% of your premium up front, followed by 11 monthly payments with Premium Credit, who are a lender. You will be given an illustration with your quotation.
How do I earn my own No Claims Discount?arrow
You start earning this up as soon as your policy starts. After 12 months' of cover you will then have gained one year's No Claims Discount (providing you don't have any accidents or claims, of course!).
How do I cancel my policy?arrow
Please contact us on 0333 358 3441 to cancel your policy. Once you return the insurance certificate to us and, as long as you haven't made a claim, we'll issue you a refund, minus the time you have been covered and a £60 cancellation fee to cover the cost of the telematics tag. If there has been a loss claim there will be no refund and the full annual premium is payable.
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