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Short Term Learner Driver Insurance

Temporary cover for provisional licence holders needing insurance on a parent’s or friend’s car.

Learner driver insurance short term cover

What is Short Term Learner Insurance?

Short term learner car insurance is a flexible way to practise your skills as a provisional driver. Whether you’re taking private lessons or wanting extra driving time before your test, learner insurance allows you to get on the road to master those skills. This enables you (the learner) to drive a friend or family member’s car over a short period of time.
You choose the length of cover that suits you. Your car insurance can be activated instantly for up to 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 240 days! If you want extra practice before your test, paying for annual cover may not be necessary, so choosing between our various cover options allows you to decide what’s best for you!

Benefits of short-term provisional insurance

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Instant comprehensive cover

You, and the car owner, can be rest assured that cover is comprehensive if you have an accident (which we hope you won’t!). The excess is low too, at £250.
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No risk to car owner’s No Claims Discount

Great news for the main driver - your main insurance policy isn't affected by Marmalade’s learner insurance policy – as it’s a separate policy only covering the learner while they are behind the wheel.
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Simple and straightforward

It is quick and easy to get a quote and your policy can be up and running in minutes. As it’s a temporary policy, there’s no need for a black box - so you can be covered to drive straight away!
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Adaptable cover

Select the most appropriate cover for you - 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 240 days, with options to add 7 or 14 days at renewal. You may want to take your time – or need a short burst to scrub up on a few skills. It’s up to you!

Why is temporary Learner driver Insurance a good option?

Gaining experience outside of driving lessons helps you increase your skills and real-life situations as opposed to an hour once a week. Because a short-term learner policy can be bought in chunks, as and when you need, it’s particularly useful if you haven’t got your own car and you’re not sure what car you’ll be driving once you pass your driving test.
It’s also super easy to set up your learner insurance online – taking the hassle and worry away from the car owner, who may otherwise need to spend ages on the phone to their own insurer (and risk their No Claims by adding you!)

What happens when I pass my test?

If you choose short term Learner Driver Insurance, your policy ends the moment you pass your test, so make sure someone else can drive you home again!

Fear not – we have some great options to get covered once you pass. We can help you stay insured on your parent’s car or help you insure your own set of wheels.

Alternatively, our Annual Learner Driver insurance switches from learner to full licence with no price increase when you pass your test. All you’ll need to do is let us know and you’ll be good to carry on driving with a full licence.

See how much you can save with temporary Learner Insurance

Enjoy instant comprehensive cover for 30 days to 1 year - with no risk to the owner’s No Claims Discount!

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