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Learner Driver Insurance on my Own Car

Pick up the Black Box Policy on your own car and get seamless cover from learner to full licence with no price increase when you pass!

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Can I get learner insurance on my own car?

Of course! Learners can have their own insurance on their own car that covers them before, and after completing their test, with our Black Box Insurance. The policy is fully comprehensive, covering learners as they master those essential skills when they're learning, when taking the test (if they chose to use their own car), and of course, once they've passed!
After passing the driving test, we won’t put the price of the policy up which can be common with other insurers - we want to keep it as cheap as possible for learners insuring their own car! When they pass, instead of scrambling for new insurance, simply give us a call to let us know and that's it - the hard work has paid off and the first solo road trip awaits!
If you're a learner driving your own car, our comprehensive black box insurance on your own car allows you to monitor and develop your driving skills through our smart app – which is handy while you’re learning to help you see where you’re driving well and where you need to hone your skills - and essential for maintaining and developing driving skills once you have your full licence.
The box records your acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and phone usage so you can prove you’re a safe driver – and our safest drivers earn an extra discount at renewal. Insuring and driving your own car whilst learning will enable you to start earning your No Claims Discount sooner too! What’s more, are no curfews so you can drive day or night without watching the clock.

The benefits of having black box insurance as a learner

Benefits for the learner driver
Benefits for the parent of the learner

    • Seamless insurance for before and after you pass your test
    • No price increase on passing
    • Drive 24/7 with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions
    • Comprehensive cover allowing you to start earing your own No Claims Discount

    Provisional licence holders aged 17-24 pay £373 less, on average, than full licence holders!*


Provisional licence holders aged 17-24 pay £373 less, on average, than full licence holders!*

How do I get learner insurance on a car I own?

Being a car owner and learner driver doesn't mean it has to be difficult to get insurance - we've made it so simple for you to get covered in 3 steps!
1. Get a quote, apply online and be covered instantly – so you can get out perfecting those driving skills straight away!
2. Your black box will arrive within a few days. You’ll need to stick this onto your windscreen and pair with your phone.
3. You can then start reviewing your journeys to see where you need more practice before test day arrives.
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    See how much you can save!

    Enjoy instant comprehensive cover for 12 months and save over £250 by buying before you pass your test!*

    3 reasons to choose Marmalade

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    Start earning your own No Claims Discount

    Yes - learners driving their own car can start to earn their own No Claims Discount before they've even passed their test.
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    Insured before & after you pass

    Black Box Insurance covers you while learning to drive and after you pass your test. You're free to practise your manoeuvres before your test as a learner, and, after you pass, your cover continues seamlessly.
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    Price stays the same

    On passing your test, your premium stays the same! We don't charge more after you have graduated from a learner to a new driver with this policy. Saves trying to find new insurance, and a few pennies!
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    What's covered with car owner's learner insurance?

    Legal Liability

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    Damamge to your vehicle

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    Windscreen repair/replacement

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    Medical expenses up to £200 per person

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    Personal belongings up to £300

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    Frequently asked questions

    Will learner insurance on my car cover me to take my driving test?arrow
    It sure will! You will need to take your insurance policy documents with you and ensure the car meets certain requirements set by the government. We’ve summarised the main points here but we advise you to read the full requirement on the government website.
    - It must be taxed
    - The car must be roadworthy (with a current MOT for cars over 3 years old)
    - There can’t be any warning lights showing
    - There can’t be any tyre damage or space-saver tyre fitted
    - You must fit L plates to the front and rear of the car and an extra interior rear-view mirror for the examiner
    Is this a cost effective way to get annual learner insurance? arrow
    We think it is, and here's why! When getting a quote on this policy, you may find there are annual insurance policies elsewhere for learners that on the face of it look cheaper. The big difference with this policy is that the price stays the same throughout the whole year. A lot of other companies don't offer this - so whilst to begin with it may look cheaper, once you pass your test you could be hit with a nasty bill. We don't like the sound of that, so keep the price the same whether you're a learner or you've passed.
    Who can accompany me as a learner driver in my own car?arrow
    Any driver who is over 25, who currently holds a current valid full UK driving licence, and has done for at least three years, can supervise you. All you need to do is convince them! Check out our top 10 tips for private driving practice to help you make the most of your private practice!
    How can I practise in a parents car?arrow
    If you want to practise in a parent's car you can either check to see if you are covered as a learner driver by their insurance policy, or you can take your own learner driver insurance policy out that covers you driving their car.
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    Named Young Driver Insurance

    Driving a parent’s car

    • Driving a parent’s car
    • Earn your own No Claims Discount
    • Fully comprehensive cover
    • No risk to parents’ No Claims
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    Learner Driver Insurance

    Short term insurance on a parent's car

    • Short term cover on a parent's car
    • Get in extra driving practice before test
    • Flexible cover options from 1 month to 8 months
    • Covers you to take your driving test

    Parent advice

    Advice and guides for parents helping their learner driver on their driving journey.

    black box myth busters

    Black Box Mythbusters

    There’s a lot of misconceptions around driving with a black box – we’ve got the facts on what’s true and false!

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