If you're learning to drive, we've got everything you need to know to get ready for your driving test in one place!

Signs you may not be ready to take your driving test

Feeling driving test ready? If you're still doing these 5 things, you may not be as ready as you think

Is it time to get a new driving instructor?

Learning to drive with the right instructor is important so what happens if you want to change? Here are a few ways to tell if it's time to get a new driving instructor!

Top 8 drives to do as a learner

It's good to get extra practice when you're a learner driver with someone accompanying you - check out these 8 drives you should take a learner driver!

UK Driving Test 'Tell Me' Questions and Answers

We're here to go through the 'Tell Me' questions of the driving test! Here's what to expect

Driving without insurance on a provisional licence

An estimated 25000 drivers are driving without insurance on a provisional licence – Marmalade offer advice on making sure you’re covered.

What is the Highway Code?

Want to learn more about the highway code? Discover a variety of methods to help you top-up your understanding.

Thinking, braking and stopping

You can be forgiven to think that your braking distance is the same as your stopping distance, but it's not! Thinking + braking = stopping.

Dealing with road rage as a learner driver

Learner drivers up and down the UK have to deal with abusive behaviour from other road users. Here's how to stay calm and stay safe behind the wheel.

Having a car accident as a learner driver

Having a car accident is scary, but what about having one whilst you're learning? Check out Ella's story on how she got back behind the wheel after a crash!

How to apply for a UK Provisional Licence

Here's a guide to help you on how to apply for your provisional driving licence!

Learning to ride a bike before a car

Ella found it much easier to pass her driving test because she was already a bike rider! Find out how it helped her get onto 4 wheels.

UK Driving Test 'Show Me' Questions and Answers

Getting ready to take your driving test? Here's a helping hand with the 'Show Me' questions!

How I approach junctions safely

Owen has struggled with approaching junctions on his driving lessons - here's the technique he's using to help with how to safely approach junctions.

My biggest fear as a learner is roundabouts

One of Chloe's biggest fears when driving is roundabouts - she's here telling us all about why she hates them so much!

The first driving lesson on roundabouts

It’s a big lesson when you tackle roundabouts for the first time – check out how Cailyn got on, and check out her top tips for roundabout driving.

Learning to Drive in Winter

You can learn some invaluable skills by learning to drive during the winter. Here are some tips and advice to get you going!

Which season should I learn to drive?

Spring, summer, autumn or winter - which season would you prefer to learn to drive in? We asked four young drivers what their experiences were!

How not to mess up your manoeuvres

Be prepared to be blown away because today, we’re talking you through how NOT to mess up your manoeuvres on your driving test!


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