Driving practice

Tips and advice to help you practise and gain confidence with driving skills and manoeuvres

Mirror observations and blind spot checks

Struggling with mirror and blind spot checks? Don't worry - driving instructor Chris Bensted is here to help in this episode of the Driving Instructor Masterclass

Can I learn to drive during lockdown?

We’ve got the answers on whether you can still learn to drive in lockdown and other questions that may be on your mind!

Reverse bay parking

Revved up about your reverse bay parking? Don't worry - we're here to guide you in to that spot!

Instructor advice for learners getting private practice

For learner drivers getting out on the road with parents, here's some top tips and advice from driving instructor Chris!

Struggling with clutch control

Are you having a hard time finding your biting point when driving? Our blogger Joe is the same. He's here letting you know how he's overcoming his issues.

When to change gears

In this episode of the Masterclass series - we're taking a look at everything you need to know about gears when starting out your driving journey!

How to deal with roundabouts

In this episode of the Masterclass Series - we're giving you some driving tips on how to deal with roundabouts!

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