Vauxhall Corsa SRI Review

Take a look at this young driver review of a brand new Vauxhall Corsa SRI review!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Dec 14th, 2022

Hi, I’m Gemma and I’m a lifestyle blogger. Last week I trialled out one of the brand new cars that Marmalade offer on finance to help young drivers get on the road. The car that I was delivered was a surprise, that turned out to be a brand new Vauxhall Corsa. I had the best week in this car trying it out, and I absolutely loved driving it. It was the perfect little car for everything, from doing the weekly food shop and the school runs, to taking it all the way out to the Peak District on a fun road trip. It was so lovely and comfortable to drive, and it had so many fantastic features that made me want a new car instantly! 

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Gemma's favourite features!

The Corsa I got to drive for a week was dark grey with black alloys and it had such a nice exterior, it was the premium Corsa too so it had red detailing on the inside which was also really cool. Everything about it was super comfy, from the seats to just driving it in general. The steering wheel was nice to hold and the gear stick was so smooth to change. And it had an electronic handbrake which was lovely to use, especially as I’m used to a manual one. My favourite features, by far, were the heated seats and the heated steering wheel, and probably the electronic handbrake too. I’m definitely missing the heated features a lot now that the weather is freezing out there! I loved the in-built sat nav too and always having the road speeds displayed. I do a lot of countryside driving and it’s not always easy to figure out what the road speeds are, especially in new areas, so I found this super handy.

One of the features that I do think is really good to have for new drivers, but I wasn’t a big fan of personally, was the lane assist feature that kind of helps you drive the car and keep it in lane. It’s a great help if you’re still getting used to your road placement and you do a big journey with lots of motorway driving, but I just found it a little annoying as an experienced driver. You can just turn this off though which is good, and turn it on if you want the help!

The new Vauxhall Corsa - a good option for new drivers?

I think the Corsa is a brilliant option for a new driver, most want a small and practical car when you first pass and this fits the bill. It’s not massive and it’s easy to park whilst still having plenty of room in the back for children or other passengers. It’s lovely and spacious for one, or even for a small family, You could easily fit 2-3 little ones in which makes there more than enough room. It has a good boot size for shopping or luggage, I had my sons bike in the boot for most of the week whilst having this car and I was still able to fit other things in with it like a travel bag.

I would never have guessed that a brand new Corsa like this one would be an affordable option for a new driver, it’s such a luxurious little car with so many great, modern features. I most likely wouldn’t have even considered one when I had first passed as I never would have thought it would be in my budget, but Marmalade's finance deals are absolutely fab and the fact that Marmalade offer a generous allowance of around £1300* towards insurance is great for new drivers as insurance is so high, especially in that first year. I feel like I missed out massively as I had no idea about these deals back then! It’s the dream to get a brand new car like this gorgeous Corsa and Marmalade have made that completely possible. I’d honestly recommend this to all new & young drivers as an option for their first car after passing. 

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