How much will my first car cost?

Here is a list of costs to consider before buying your first car!

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By Megan

Updated on Dec 13th, 2022

How much will my first car cost?

You've passed your test - congratulations! Now, you want to get your hands on your own set of wheels, understandably.

We've pulled together a list of prices to keep in mind when getting your own car, so you can work out which is the best route for you to take.

The car

As you know, a car can cost you anywhere between £100 and £20,000+ – so we can’t really add this price to our calculations. To keep on the track of saving money on your driving journey, it’s worth checking out the different costs of running a new car and used car, as well as the car's insurance group.


Again, prices for insurance can vary – a lot. It is always worth getting a quote for insurance on a car before you purchase it. Whilst insurance for new drivers can be expensive, having a black box in your car is a useful way to keep costs as low as possible. There’s a lot of misconceptions about having a black box in your car, but you should know that it does nothing besides keep you safe on the road and keep your premiums low - winner winner! Don’t forget, sometimes older cars can be more expensive to insure. You may see it has a cheaper price tag than a new car, but it could cost you more in the long run.


You mean we have to pay more to make the car go?! Unfortunately, yes! If you’re looking to save money here, getting a car with a smaller engine is a good place to start because it won’t drink as much fuel. Also, check the Miles per Gallon on cars you’re considering. The higher MPG, the lighter it will be in your pockets.

Car maintenance

We can’t really calculate how much your car is going to cost you to maintain because there is no way of knowing if anything in or on your car will need fixing or replacing. This is a cost that you should just be prepared for, in case something does go wrong.


The maximum cost for an MOT is £54.85 and should take on the anniversary of its last MOT if it’s over 3 years old. If you decide to get a brand new car, you won’t have to worry about that MOT cost for a while, so we won’t add it in ;)

Can't afford your own car when you pass?

It's not uncommon to not be able to afford your own car straight after you pass. After all, finding and paying for a car is something that takes planning and saving. That being said, you're going to want to jump behind the wheel as soon as you pass! Instead of waiting around to get your own set of wheels, you can bridge the gap by getting insurance on a parent's car - just until you get your own ride - of course ;)

Do you know of any other costs that you need to factor into your driving journey? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!


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By Megan

Hi, I'm Megan - I have recently graduated from university and I'm a marketing executive at Marmalade! I am a new driver myself and would love to share my tips, tricks and experiences with you :)

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