Your funny driving stories!

We asked for your funniest driving stories and you didn't disappoint! Here's some of our favourites!

Megan Roberts (Marketing Executive)

By Megan Roberts

Updated on Dec 2nd, 2020

In times like these when the news is full of doom and gloom, we all need a little pick me up, and what better way to lift everyone’s spirits than by laughing at some embarrassing, awkward and funny driving moments! We reached out to you lovely lot on our social channels and ask you to tell us all your weird and wonderful driving stories for us to have a laugh at – and you did not disappoint. We had a hard time narrowing them down – but below is our top 8! If you want to see what everyone else said, head to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages where you can see the rest!

Sunita – Repair Kit Blunder!

My car hasn't got a spare tyre so was always worried that if I got a puncture, I'd be stranded for ages...and when I was tidying an old cupboard in the house I stumbled across it and thought oh cool that's useful. I put it in my glove compartment. I thought it was a smart move keeping it in there, until I gave it to the breakdown recovery when I had a puncture - it was a bicycle puncture repair kit! I’ve never owned a bike as I can only cycle downhill (hurts me knees otherwise) so no idea why I even have this puncture repair kit - the only association I had with punctures were my car tyres hence putting it in the glove box!

puncture repair kit

Cole – Premium Parking Ticket

We went to a birthday party and parked in a multi story car park however little did we know we managed to get a rail user car park ticket instead of a leisure one so when it came to putting it in the machine it came to £300! Luckily after explaining the mistake we didn't have to pay it - phew!

Tamsin – A Gift on the Parcel Shelf

I had recently passed my driving test and I was driving my sister to the supermarket and a BIRD flew in through the passenger window! My sister was screaming and laughing and I had to stop and let the bird out! It pooped all over the parcel shelf!


Sue – My Mum's Horror!

I once had a massive nosebleed whilst on a lesson. When I got home and my mum answered the door she had a major panic wondering what had happened on my lesson.... and had to give my instructor a bowl of water and sponge to clean his car with!

Zoey – Dressing Gown Disaster

I was taking my other half to work and as he started early morning, I didn’t see the point of getting dressed so just slung on my dressing gown, as I was driving back home my tyre blew. I had to call the my mechanic who said he would come to me and tow me to the tyre centre, it was then that I remembered I was only wearing my dressing gown! I managed to call my teenage daughter who rode her bike to me and bought me some clothes. Luckily, she arrived before the mechanic did!car wheel puncture

Lori - The not so Secret Spy!

When I first passed my driving test, my dad would follow me everywhere to make sure I was OK. To this day he doesn't know I saw him 3 cars behind me. This continued for about 6 weeks! He would make a terrible secret spy!

Fiona - Driving on Autopilot

I was on auto pilot going for a food shop and was stopped behind a van at temporary traffic lights. When the green light came on I followed the van until I realised I was on the wrong side of the cones! The van contained workmen brought to work on a road fault and I had joined them! I was mortified as I had to reverse back to get out of the cones while they all stood around laughing.

Emma - Instructor to the Rescue

I had just passed my test and decided to park in a multi storey carpark, it was super busy, and I could only find one space next to a 4x4 and the space was at a funny angle. When I returned, I got into my car and realised I couldn't reverse out of the space, it was so tight and awkward that my car was well and truly stuck. I got in a panic and didn't know what to do so I sat in my car for over an hour crying! Eventually I called up my old driving instructor (we are good friends now) and he had to come and get my car out for me.


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Megan Roberts (Marketing Executive)

By Megan Roberts

Hi, I'm Megan - I have recently graduated from university and I'm a marketing executive at Marmalade! I am a new driver myself and would love to share my tips, tricks and experiences with you :)

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