More theory test centres opening and booking changes

From 6th September 2021, the DVSA will be making some changes to theory test centre locations and you will see a change to the look and feel of the booking and test system.


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Updated on Jul 15th, 2021

DVSA update aim to improve waiting times to book a theory test 2021 

From the 6th September, a range of test centres across the UK will be moving locations, with the addition of some new test centres, and the closure of a select few. The good news is that the net effect is increase in the number of test centres! There will also be a new booking system in place from July 19th onwards which will hopefully allow more learners to get their theory test booked in quicker.  

It’s hot off the press just now, so we’re sharing what we currently know. We will keep this page up to date with any changes or new information we receive. 

More theory test centres in the UK

Currently there are 180 theory test centres in the UK, from the 6th September this will increase to 202 centres. This should allow learner drivers to pass their theory test quicker – because there will be more test centres to book from. With that being said, a lot of test centres are moving locations so some candidates may face longer travel times to get to their closest test centre.  

Not only are there 22 new locations, around 96 locations will be changing and about 18 will be closing down. Once a list of the locations have been confirmed by the DVSA we will update this article. 

New booking system for theory tests  

The new theory test booking system which will go live on the 19th July will allow test bookings to be taken from the 6th September onwards (which is when the new theory test service begins, with increased capacity). Any tests booked for date before September 6th will use the current system.  

No changes to the theory test itself 

As part of the changes, the theory test may look slightly different on screen when you take it, but it’s just cosmetic. The structure and the content of the theory test will be remaining the same so don’t worry – all revision you have done up until now is still useful!  

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