Student guide to coming home for Christmas

If you’re a student living away from home, making the trip back to be with family this Christmas, this is the ultimate guide for you!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Dec 3rd, 2020

As we set our sites on what might just be a ‘normal’ Christmas break again, students up and down the country are preparing themselves to leave their studies behind for a few weeks and head home for the holidays. It’s not just unlimited pigs-in-blankets, cosy Netflix nights in and annoying the family pet you have to look forward to either! There is SO much you can do this Christmas - and we’ve broken it down all for you here! Think of this as a sort of checklist, try to tick off as much as you can before those January exams roll around… 

Driving home for Christmas

Before you can even think about the endless mince pies you can consume guilt-free this Christmas, you’ve got to actually get home first!

Of course, you can try and lug all of your stuff on the train, but who really wants to do that? The best option is probably to drive – have all of your stuff for Christmas tucked safely into the boot and make a beeline from uni to home! If you don’t have a car of your own, you can borrow your parent’s car, with our Pay as You Go Insurance, and be covered to drive yourself home (after they’ve taken the trip to pick you up, of course). They drive one way, and you drive back – winner winner, Christmas turkey dinner.

As a festive little treat, we’re also giving everyone who purchases a Pay as You Go policy before January 6th a free £10 voucher*, a small Christmas gift from us to you!

Seeing family and friends

We know the best part of Christmas (aside from the food) is seeing friends and family, and after Christmas of 2020 when that didn't happen how we’d like, this is the time to make the most of it! Make sure you plan in advance who you’re going to be seeing, when you’ll be seeing them and how you’re going to get there! It means you’ll be making the most of your Christmas holidays catching up with loved ones. 

Secret Santa

Is there any better tradition than Secret Santa with friends or family? Make sure you’re prepared this year by drawing those names in advance. There are websites such as DrawNames and MyWishList that let you draw your Secret Santa online, create wish lists and get gifts delivered to your door all whilst keeping it a secret! 

Christmas baking

Is Christmas even Christmas if you don’t bake your favourite festive goodies?! Bring your very own Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge to you and your friends - find a basic recipe or an unknown festive treat, get the ingredients and get going. When you're done, you can see votes on how it looks and tastes! On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Festive feel good films!

Is there anything better than wasting your Christmas days watching back to back classic and cheesy Christmas films on Netflix? No - I didn’t think so! Get your film list together and get ready to go - but don’t forget to head to the shops and stock up on those festive treats beforehand so you don’t have to stop mid-movie-marathon! 

Make a plan 

Christmas is the perfect time to be lazy and do very little, but don’t waste all of your days off completely. As we said, the new year and new term will be here before you know it. It’s really helpful to make a plan this Christmas, and make sure you’re ticking off everything you want to do! Festive walks, baking with family, movie nights, Christmas shopping trips  - whatever it may be, make a plan and we're sure you'll have a lovely Christmas. Remember, if you need to drive to get all of these things done, get Pay as You Go Insurance this Christmas for cover on a parent’s car. Let’s face it, whether you have a long festive road trip planned or not, we're sure you'll need to get behind the wheel for something - even if it is just dashing to the shop to replace the Mince Pies you ate that your mum was saving for Christmas day!

Christmas Adventures Await!

Get Pay as You Go Insurance for the holidays and receive a £10 voucher, a small Christmas gift from us to you!

By Marmalade Author

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Christmas Adventures Await!

Get Pay as You Go Insurance for the holidays and receive a £10 voucher, a small Christmas gift from us to you!

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