5 weird and wonderful ways to deice your car

It’s the time of year when we find ourselves desperately trying to get the ice off our cars each morning, but what are the different ways we’re doing it?


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Dec 10th, 2020

Sure, most people use an ice scraper and deicer to clear off our windscreens on a frosty morning, but some of us think that's a little boring - and what happens if you run out and need to do a quick defrost of your icy car? To help, we’ve found a few ways you could use to clear your icy windows that are a little more… quirky. We’re not saying any of these are better than a can of deicer, but if you run out… needs must!

Use warm water in a bag to defrost your car windscreen

The genius here is in its simplicity. We all have access to hot water, and we all have an old ziplock bag or freezer bag lying around somewhere. Simply put those two things together and your car windscreen will be first free in no time.
How to defrost your car with a ziplock bag and warm water? If you haven't managed to figure out the method already you’re going to kick yourself.
Step 1. Put warm water in a ziplock bag
Step 2. Rub bag over your windscreens.
Step 3. Take a step back and marvel at your newly cleared windscreen (and toasty warm hands).

Use an onion to stop your windscreen from freezing

When donkey told us that onions had layers, we all thought he meant physically, we had no idea he was also referring to the many uses of the common onion. (Pretty sure they also cut the ‘onion on a windscreen’ scene from Shrek The Halls.) Apparently* rubbing half an onion on your windscreen the night before an expected freeze will stop the frost appearing in the first place. If you can cope with your hands smelling like onions all winter, this one is for you. *We’re not convinced on this one.

Use toothpaste to prevent icy windows

We’re not just suggesting this as the minty freshness of toothpaste is a far more pleasant smell than that of raw onion, honest. They say that using toothpaste (watered down, otherwise you’re just adding another issue that’ll prevent you being able to see out of your windscreen in the morning) will prevent frosting windscreens. Or at the very least it should make them much easier to defrost with your car heating.

Use potato juice to stop your windscreen freezing

Potato juice isn't exactly in high demand, you’re not likely to find it alongside orange, apple and pineapple juice at your local supermarket. But with a little foresight it might help you avoid frosted windscreens. This is another to apply the night before, so dig out some spuds (from your cupboards, not the neighbours allotment - unless they give you permission), slice one in half and rub the cut end directly onto your windscreen. If it starts to feel a little dry, carefully slice another layer of potato off to reveal more juice.

Make your own deicer!

If you’ve run out of deicer, a great way to fix the issue is to make your own. Meteorologist Ken Weathers says mixing 1/3 cup of water with 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol will do the trick! Which is great because, everyone has rubbing alcohol to hand, don’t they? You can see Ken's full video on how to make this handy little mixture here
All these weird and wonderful hacks are good alternatives to deice your car (or prevent it from freezing) but we would first recommend that getting some deicer is the safest and easiest way to do it. It’s also essential that you completely clear your car of snow and ice. Giving yourself only enough room to see out of your windscreen means you’ll likely miss everything going on around you on the road, including other cars and pedestrians.

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