Eight great reasons to consider Pay As You Go Car Insurance

Pay As You Go Car Insurance could be a cheaper and more flexible way for young adults (under 25) to gain independence. We’re looking at our top reasons to think about pay as you go insurance, read on to discover if this could be just what you need.

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You want to share a parent’s car

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One of the benefits of living with your folks (apart from the delicious home cooked food!) is that you may have the option to share the family car. If you’re a student, or don’t need your car for work, it may be difficult to justify the cost of your own car and insurance if you only need to drive for short journeys, or just occasionally.

Pay As You Go Car Insurance could be just what you need - as you buy your miles up front, and choose the top-up that suits your needs, and you have cover in place just when you need it. The best news is that, if your policy runs for over a year without a claim, you earn a No Claims Discount that will come in super handy when you’re ready to buy a car of your own!

You're a student at university

If you’re at uni, the chances are you’re not using the car all year round as it’s a big expense when you’re living on a tight budget. However, when you’re back for the holidays, having the ability to get out and about in your own car or share a family car is invaluable - whether it’s to get to your holiday job, head out with friends or to simply help mum and dad out.

Our pay as you go insurance allows you to insure by the mile on your own car or a family car – with comprehensive cover sat waiting for you when you need it! Plus, for every year your policy remains in force, and you stay claim free, you can earn a No Claims Discount.

You work part time or from home

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A Pay As You Go Car Insurance policy like ours may suit you if you’re working locally in the evening, or just a couple of days a week, as you may not be racking up that many miles. This means you’re not going to be paying for miles you’re not using when you’re not working – but cover is ready and waiting as and when you need it.

The pandemic also led to quite a change, and saw some of us saying goodbye to some or all of our daily commutes. As a result of more hybrid and remote working, drivers with low mileage may be looking for a more flexible way to get insured.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so young drivers have the option to choose cover for their own car as the main driver, or to share a parent’s car. Both options allow you to start earning a No Claims Discount in the same way as you would on a standard annual policy.

Pay as you go insurance can be handy for working part time or at home. You can start the policy with 500 or 1000 miles up front, depending on whether you’re driving your own car as the main driver or are sharing the family car as a secondary driver. If your remaining miles drop to 50, they will auto-top up to your chosen amount - as long as there’s a valid payment card on file and funds available.

You want to combat the rising cost of living

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The rising cost of living has been a hot topic in recent years. This, combined with fluctuating fuel prices, means many of us are looking for ways to cut spending. The cost of an annual policy may seem excessive if you’re only driving every now and then.

Sharing a family car instead of buying a first car, or keeping your mileage low, could help make the cost of getting on the road more manageable. It can help ease upfront costs as you simply pay for the first 500 or 1000 miles up front, and then choose the number of miles to automatically top up when you’ve nearly run out. The best news is that you’ll be racking up a No Claims Discount for every claim-free year of driving!

You want flexibility to drive, but don’t own a car

Paying for car insurance as you go gives you the flexibility to share a parent’s car without the hassle and expense of running your own car. Of course, you’ll have to negotiate with mum or dad as to when you can borrow it and who’s paying for petrol!

Our pay as you go policy for young drivers allows you to pay for a set number of miles. When the miles remaining drops to 50, they’ll automatically top up to your chosen amount so long as there’s a valid card on file and enough funds in the account to cover the payment.

You love using the latest tech

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Some of us are trend-setters and love to use tech to make life easier and have more flexibility. Traditional car insurance can be expensive for young drivers. The tech behind Marmalade’s Pay As You Go Car Insurance lets you measure the miles you drive, and see how you’re driving on a smart app and black box tag. This allows you to pay for the miles you use, and you pay a premium that reflects how safe you’re driving. The safer you drive, the less you’ll pay for your top-up! Keep in mind, our top up prices are refreshed every 3 months.

You want to be more eco-friendly

Climate change remains high on the news agenda, for good reason. Car sharing can help new drivers get on the road in a more sustainable way – so a policy that allows you to get cover on a family car to drive as and when you need makes this possible.

If you have your own car, you may be looking for ways to cut down the journeys you take in the car, by travelling on foot or by bike. Opting for usage-based car insurance enables you to save money by driving less, but gives you the same comprehensive level of cover that an annual policy would offer.

You’re taking your driving test soon

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If you’ve got your driving test booked soon, you’re likely to want to be able to keep driving! Pay as you go insurance continues seamlessly when you pass your driving test – all we ask is that you let us know when you reach that epic milestone!

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