Driving tips

Tips and advice for young drivers on all aspects of driving - from handling new challenges, to saving money

What you should do in the event of an emergency vehicle passing

Flashing lights and loud sirens can be intimidating at the best of times when you're driving! Let them pass safely without putting you or other drivers at risk.

Dealing with an emergency vehicle as a new driver

Dealing with a passing emergency vehicle for the first time as a new driver is scary - and Chloe's experience definitely wasn't as smooth as it could have been!

7 ways to save money on fuel

Fuel costs can be expensive and are on the up - so we’ve got some tips to help you save on your fuel consumption!

A guide for nervous drivers

There's no shame in being a nervous driver - even after you've passed. Meg is, and here are her top tips to help!

Driving with a mental health condition

If you suffer from a mental health condition you may be wondering whether you have to inform the DVLA or not. This page should help answer any main questions.

What to do in the event of a car accident

Knowing what to do if you're ever in a car accident can make the traumatic experiences a bit easier. Here's everything you need to know!

What to do once you've passed your driving test

You've passed your driving test - well done! But what happens when your instructor leaves and you're out on the roads by yourself?

How I managed my driving anxiety

Young drivers Carl and Chloe share their experiences coping with the anxieties and stresses driving can bring.

Driving in heavy rain!

Worried about driving in wet weather? Check out these top tips and rules for driving in the rain!

Top tips for new drivers

If you've just passed your test - our advice and information for new drivers will increase your confidence and learn new skills like Motorway Driving and more

When to use your dipped headlights

Here's the lowdown on when and how to to use your dipped headlights

Kimberley's first long distance journey

For new drivers, taking the first step to a long car journey is a big one. Join Kimberley and her Mum for her first long-distance trip to Cambridge!

Driving in a busy city: The dos and don’ts

It can be scary when driving in a busy city for the first time. Gemma recently moved to one and has had to adapt her driving style to fit.

Taking the Pass Plus - is it worth it?

Many young drivers decide to take the Pass Plus course after taking their driving test. Chanell did, and she's here weighing up the pros and cons.

Top 10 worst driving habits

We've asked people what annoys them the most on the road; are you guilty of any of these annoying bad driving habits?

Driving with passengers for the first time

After passing your test, you may be worried about going on your first journey with passengers in the car. Find out how Chanell got on with her first trip!

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