Cars you can't take to your driving test

Instant fail for learners who take these cars to the driving test centre… have a look at our list and make sure that your car isn’t on it!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Nov 23rd, 2022

Driving tests come with many rules. If you’re planning on using your own car, you get a few extra ones! Unfortunately, there are some cars that you cannot take your test in! Don’t forget to check out our Driving test checklist to ensure you're fully prepared.

BMW Mini convertible

BMW mini convertable
This popular model is banned from driving test centres due to its poor visibility; examiners have noted that the cars' roll bars restrict them from seeing the rear window from where they’re sitting, in the passenger seat.

Ford KA convertible

Ford KA convertible
Similarly to the BMW Mini convertible, this car also presents visibility issues to the examiner. After all, they need to be able to see any potential hazards on the road!

Smart Fortwo (2-door)

Smart Fortwo (2-door)
Added to the list of restricted cars for driving tests in March 2022, this car has also been noted for restricting the examiner's view- prominently over the right shoulder. If you own another smart car, it would be wise to check with your test centre if your car meets the requirements!

Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ
Following the trend from the other cars on the list, the Toyota iQ also restricts all-around visibility for the examiner. Its practical size may make it an attractive choice for the first car for young drivers, but it’s not an option for taking your practical driving test in.

VW Beetle convertible

VW beetle convertable
The issue with this car is, you guessed it, restricting all-around visibility from the driving instructor's seat. If you’re considering this motor for your first car as a young driver, keep in mind you won’t be able to take your test in it.

There are also some cars that have been affected by faults and recalled. If you have one of these, you will need to have proof that work has been carried out on your car so it is safe to drive (this can be a receipt for the work taken place). You can find the full list of recalled cars on the Gov website.

If your car isn’t on the list, lucky you! Check out our blog on taking your driving test in your own car for all the info you need.

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