Top 6 reasons to take your learner driving!

We surveyed parents of learners and discovered what they enjoyed most about helping their child with driving practice!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Mar 29th, 2023

If you’re child has just started learning to drive, you may be weighing up the pros and cons of taking them out to practise their driving between lessons. We thought we’d give you a helping hand by sharing the feedback we’ve collected from parents of learner drivers who have done just that!

We spoke to 309 parents of learner drivers about what they enjoyed most about supervising their child’s private practice, here’s what they had to say, together with some lovely feedback from parents’ real-life experiences.

Help them learn a new skill

73% of parents love helping their child learn a new skill. Many of us have fond memories of helping our children learn to read, ride a bike, helping them with homework (until the maths got too hard!) and so on. It’s all part and parcel of parenting, so it’s unsurprising to see.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a selfish side to me helping them learn this new skill too, as once my daughter has passed her test and is confident on the road, I’m looking forward to some taxi favours being returned!

What parents had to say…

“My daughter has impressed me by learning to reverse park”

“My learner had not been able to start dual control lessons with Instructor due to Covid. Therefore we have been on private roads to get good basic pedal skills…”

“[my learner] is really calm and takes on board my comments without thinking that I am criticising- she understands that she is learning.”

Understand their progress

64% found it rewarding to see their young driver learn and improve. As a parent myself, who is currently taking her 17 year old daughter out for driving practice, I can definitely vouch that this is one of the best bits. It’s been wonderful seeing her going from bunny-hopping and stalling, to a smooth ride and observing her anticipate and react to what’s coming up in the distance.

What parents had to say…

“My daughter struggles going around round abouts, but she has really improved & being able to park in small local shops carparks during lockdown.”

“they are bound to make mistakes which indirectly affect others. It is good to see them learn from this and develop the patience to start again and carry on. it also is good to see them develop their own decision-making skills as they are in charge driving.”

“My son drives to college 3 days a week with my husband and covers over 65 miles in a day. His driving has come along massively and he's confident and calm.”


Know they’re becoming become a safer driver

62% of parents appreciate the knowledge that they’re helping their child to become a safer driver. If you’re anything like me, I both excited and terrified about the prospect of my daughter going-solo behind the wheel. As we continue to practise together, I think I will find it more re-assuring knowing exactly what her driving is like through sitting with her, than if she passed her test having never driven with me.

What parents had to say…

“I think that my son drives in a very mature way. He regulates his speed well and it feels like the car is always under control.”

“We are now living in the New Forest. My daughter's awareness and consideration for the wildlife is excellent. Ponies, donkeys, cows, pigs and deer roam freely across the roads and require constant vigilance.”

“He has consistently remained calm, driven at a sensible speed and researched where to drive that is quiet and safe.”

Spend quality time together

Any parent of teens or young adults know that opportunities to spend time together are rare (outside of lockdown, of course), so it’s not a surprise that 56% of parents appreciated being able to spend time with their young driver. If you live in a busy household, it may also be a opportunity to have time 1:1 with your son or daughter without interruption.

Whilst we may fear it’s going to be a white-knuckle ride, full of arguments and possibly tears, more often than not it is much calmer. Of course you’re both alert to what is happening in the car and on the road, but it’s just nice to be together and appreciate each other’s company. As they become more confident, you may even get the chance for a chat or to just quietly listen to the radio as you drive.

What parents had to say…

“… it's amazing having my baby boy driving me around, blows my mind.”

“My son drives with a smile on his face. He absolutely loves it and I'm so proud”

Get them away from their phone

This may be a contentious one, but we thought we’d share it anyway! One fifth of parents enjoyed the fact that they had the opportunity to prise their young adult away from their precious phone.

They will make you burst with pride!

Whilst this wasn’t a question we asked, a lot of parents commented on how impressed they were with their learner’s awareness, reactions and ability to stay calm in the face of adversity!

So I thought I’d close by sharing some proud moments parents of Marmalade learners have experienced:

“Despite having a 2 litre car, I've been impressed with my daughter's ability to drive it and her calm approach to driving even though she says she feels nervous. She has good command of controls, remembers what she's been taught and applies her skillset well.”

“My lad keeps his cool regardless of the situation. He's experienced other road users behaving and driving badly and kept calm and maintained his safe driving.”

“I have been impressed by my son's focus and commitment. He was supposed to take his theory test in November 2020 but it was cancelled. He has nonetheless purchased his first car himself and remains positive about becoming a newly qualified driver as soon as possible.”

“My daughter always anticipates things that could happen, i.e. she slowed down when she saw a young child running along a pavement not holding the hand of an adult.”

“I am happily surprised on her awareness and courtesy to other drivers, a pleasure to teach.”

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