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Can I add my child as a named driver to my insurance?

'Should I add my son or daughter as a named driver?' - It's a question we hear a lot, so read our guide to getting your child behind the wheel of your car.

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Wondering if you can add a young named driver to your car insurance? If you’re a parent looking to insure your child to drive your car, you’ve probably got questions around what’s possible and the cheapest way to add your child to your car insurance.

Spoiler! There are some great alternatives to adding your son or daughter as a named driver to you insurance. In this guide, we’ll answer your questions about adding a named driver and cover some of the other options - that may save you money, and hassle!

Pros and cons of adding your child as a named driver to your existing insurance


    • It is easy to administer, as your insurance will be in one place.
    • It helps the young driver to gain or maintain their driving skills if they don't have their own car.

    Marmalade offers a range of alternatives that offer the benefits of adding a named driver, without the cons!


Marmalade offers a range of alternatives that offer the benefits of adding a named driver, without the cons!

What is the alternative to adding a child to my insurance?

If you’re looking for a more flexible, and potentially more affordable option, to insure your child on your car, without risking your precious No Claims Discount, there are a range of alternatives.

Monthly Learner Driver Insurance

Cover in a family or friend’s car

  • dotShort term cover from 1-6 months
  • dotCover from £65.21† per month
  • dotNo risk to the owner’s No Claims Discount
  • dotThey can earn a loyalty discount of up to 10%*

Named Young Driver Insurance

Ideal for sharing a parent’s car

  • dotSeamless cover from learner to full licence
  • dotAnnual cover for up to 10,000 miles per year*
  • dotNo price increase for learners who pass their test
  • dotYoung driver earns their own No Claims Discount

Pay As You Go Insurance

Ideal for students

  • dotOnly pay for the miles they drive
  • dotTop up as and when they need to
  • dotComprehensive cover for provisional and full licence holders
  • dotDrivers can build their No Claims Discount

Will adding my child as a named driver increase my car insurance premium?

The price of your insurance is very likely to go up as young, inexperienced drivers are at an icreased risk of having an accident. If you’re looking to add a learner driver to your policy - you may also find that cover will cease when they pass or that the price will increase significantly! We can’t tell you exactly how much it would cost, as all insurers rate differently and some won’t provide cover for young drivers. The only way to find out would be to contact your insurer.

How much will it cost to add a named driver?

To demonstrate how the price can change by adding a young named driver we did a quote based on a 45 year old parent in Peterborough and their 17 year old daughter who had held a full UK licence for 6 months. The quote for the parent alone was £265.02 annually. To add the 17 year old, it was an additional £1,687.88 per year - making the new total £1,952.90.

That’s why we think it’s a good idea to consider alternatives. For the same mother and daughter¹ , Marmalade’s stand-alone Named Young Driver policy would cost £991.47 per year, (£958.53 cheaper than the young driver being added to the parent’s insurance) or, if they wanted more flexibility to just pay for the miles they drive, our Pay As You Go policy worked out at £252.76 for the first 500 miles with top ups starting from as little as £29.
    Price comparison

    Find the right cover for your child

    9 out of 10 of our black box customers have recommended Marmalade to friends or family³.
    Join thousands of young drivers enjoying comprehensive cover with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions

    Can I insure my son or daughter's car in my name, with them as a named driver, to make it cheaper?

    In short, no. If the young driver is the main driver of the car it would be fraudulent to take insurance out saying you are the main driver. This is called "fronting" and you could risk invalidating the insurance and being refused insurance in future. It's just not worth it. Fear not, you could save money with Marmalade's Black Box Insurance. There are no curfews and they can start earning their own No Claims Discount.

    Will my child earn their own No Claims Discount as a named driver on my insurance policy?

    No - when you add your child to your existing car insurance policy, they will not earn their own No Claims Discount. However, with Marmalade, your child will earn their No Claims Discount as a named driver separately.
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