Save money by choosing annual insurance with cover from learner to full licence

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This cover is suitable for:

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Learner drivers aged 17 - 27
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Earning a No Claims Discount
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Sharing a parent's car without affecting their NCD
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Seamless cover from learner to full licence with no price increase on passing
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This cover is not suitable for:

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The young driver as the main driver
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Short term cover
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Insuring cars more than £30,000 in value

Save time and money with insurance from learner driver to full licence holder

When it comes to insuring a learner driver - it can be a daunting, time consuming and expensive business! And then, once the young driver passes their test you have the headache of finding a new policy that's likely to be more expensive, and potentially the expense of buying another car.

Fear not, we've got a cost-effective solution that will allow a young driver to share the family car, that could take that headache away and won't cost you a penny more they that pass their test!
Marmalade's Named Young Driver Insurance is a smart, hassle free way to enable your young driver to share the family car from learner to full licence. It's quick and easy to get and quote, and you know that the price will stay the same throughout the year - before and after they pass. That's not the only good news, the No Claims Discount if the car owner won't be affected if the young driver needs to make a claim, and, crucially for the young driver, they begin to earn their own No Claims Discount as early as possible (which will save them money on insuring their own car in the future!)

Why choose car insurance that continues from provisional to full licence?

Benefits for parents
Benefits for the young driver

    • No risk to your No Claims Discount
    • Customers save £373 on average by buying on a provisional licence¹
    • Save time and money, as cover continues seamlessly with no price increase on passing their test
    • The young driver earns their own No Claims Discount
    • Smart black box technology makes young drivers safer drivers

    SAVE OVER £370¹

    Customers save £373, on average, by buying Named Young Driver Insurance while learning to drive¹.


Customers save £373, on average, by buying Named Young Driver Insurance while learning to drive¹.

Is buying learner to full licence insurance more cost effective than buying short term learner insurance?

It depends on your circumstances. If the young driver plans to continue sharing a parent's car once they get their full licence, it could be! According to a survey we conducted, 64% of learner drivers² plan on doing just this. The reason it can be more cost-effective with our Named Young Driver Insurance is that the price you pay when you purchase stays the same throughout the year - as the price is always lower for provisional licence holders (as they are lower risk!). If you choose a short term learner policy, it is certainly cost effective during that period, but once they pass, you will pay more for insurance on a full licence. To help explain this, we've looked at insurance for a 17 year old learner driver, based in Peterborough, sharing a parent's Vauxhall³ :
  • A Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance policy would cost £63.34 per month, whilst they are learning to drive
  • Once they pass, Named Young Driver Insurance on a full licence would cost £76.26 for 11 months, plus a £209.72 deposit (£1048.60 altogether)
  • If they were to buy Named Young Driver Insurance on a provisional licence, the cost would be £62.51 per month, for 11 months, with a £171.92 deposit (£859.58 altogether). Plus, they'll be earning their NCD from day one!
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It's so easy to arrange cover!

Get a quote
Get a quote online and see how much you can save as a provisional licence holder!
Get instant cover
You can be covered to drive the car straight away, if you prefer, choose a date in the next 30 days – simply pay, and get driving – with no curfews!
Fit your black box
Once you’ve paid for your cover, we’ll send a link to our Young Driver app and an easy-to-fit box (called a “tag” as it’s so small). All we ask is you fit it straight away and take your phone on every trip.

Frequently asked questions

How does this differ from adding a named driver to the main insurance?arrow
This policy provides an alternative to this, as it is a separate policy that just covers the young driver when they are behind the wheel. This means that should the young driver need to make a claim it won't affect any No Claims Discount the car owner has earned on their policy, plus they will earn their own No Claims Discount, which would not be the case if they were added to the car owner's policy. Some insurers are reluctant to allow drivers aged under 25 to be added to a policy, so you may find you are unable to add a young driver, or the price may be prohibitively expensive. Our Named Young Driver insurance provides a stress free solution to this.
Can a young driver be covered in their own car with this policy?arrow
This policy is specifically designed for learner drivers and young drivers who are sharing a parent's or grandparent's car, which must already have main insurance in place. If the young driver will be driving for more than 50% of the journeys in the car, our Black Box Insurance is more suitable. The great news is that they will also be covered from provisional licence to full licence with no price increase on passing their test, and of course, will earn their own No Claims Discount!
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