When will I pass my driving test?

Want to know the perfect time and place to book your driving test? Check out our Pass Probability Calculator and let it figure it out for you.


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Dec 4th, 2020

It’s an exciting time when it comes to booking your driving test. All the hard work you’ve put in, money on lessons and the stress of the theory test is all about to become worth it – you’re going in for your driving test – but when is the best time to book it?

If you’re worried about booking your driving test too early, or too late, we’re here to help! Our brand new Pass Probability Calculator is designed to look at just that – the probability that you’ll pass your driving test in a given month. We have analysed data for each test centre across the UK, seeing the pass rates in each month – and used it to calculate how likely you are to pass. Of course, we can’t determine your actual driving skills in this tool. When it comes to taking your test, make sure you’re as prepared as you can be and are ready to go!

All you have to do is pop in your details (your local driving test centre, age and the month you’re looking to book your test) and we’ll do all the hard work for you, calculating the likelihood of passing in that month – plus we’ll show you the pass rates of the nearest test centres and months, so you can compare.

Pass Probability Calculator

We have plenty of blogs, tips and tricks to help you when it comes to preparing for your driving test. Perhaps you’re looking for places to drive in tour private practice? We’ve got 8 amazing drives for you to do. Whatever you want to know, check out our Driver Hub – where we aim to help learners and new drivers as much as we can!

If you’re wondering what the easiest and hardest places are in the UK to pass your driving test, then look no further!

Top 10: Easiest places to pass a practical driving test in the UK

Driving Test Centre County Pass Rate¹
Campbeltown Argyll and Bute (Scotland) 73.68%
Rothesay Argyll and Bute (Scotland) 72.13%
Pitlochry Perth and Kinross (Scotland) 70.61%
Llandrindod Wells Powys (Wales) 68.45%
Ballater Aberdeenshire (Scotland) 68.15%
Lerwick Shetland (Scotland) 66.89%
Lochgilphead Argyll and Bute (Scotland) 66.24%
Malton North Yorkshire 64.17%
Orkey Orkney (Scotland) 62.72%
Kendal Cumbria 62.68%

Top 10: Hardest places to pass a practical driving test in the UK

Driving Test Centre County Pass Rate¹
Belvedere London 31.20%
Wanstead London 32.13%
Leeds West Yorkshire 34.73%
Bradford - Heaton West Yorkshire 35.03%
Barking - Tanner Street London 35.38%
Barnet London 35.49%
Birmingham - South Yardley West Midlands 35.60%
Wednesbury West Midlands 35.64%
Heckmondwike West Yorkshire 36.19%
Wood Green London 36.44%

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