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Your questions answered and everything you need to know about the options for insuring a learner driver

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If you’re a learner driver (or parent) and you want to get in extra driving practice outside driving lessons with an instructor, you’re bound to have a lot of questions on how you can actually do this. Do learner drivers need to be insured, and if they do, why? Can a learner insure a car with a provisional licence? We’re breaking down the common questions for you and showing you the different options available, including how to insure a learner driver. It isn’t one size fits all when it comes to an insurance policy, so take a look through and find the best option for you.

Do Learner Drivers need car insurance?

In short, yes. Anyone who is driving on a UK road, by law, needs to have valid insurance in place – even if they are a provisional licence holder. If you’re driving with an instructor, they are likely to already have this in place, but if you are planning on practising outside lessons in your own car or a car you borrow, then you definitely need insurance as a learner driver. The penalty for driving without valid insurance is £300 and 6 penalty points (or more if it goes to court). No-one wants that at the start of their driving career, right?

Can you insure a car with a provisional licence?

Of course, and, as it is a legal requirement, you will need to get some arranged before hopping behind the wheel! It goes without saying that insurance for learners will not cover them to drive on their own. The learner driver should be supervised by a qualified driver that is aged over 21, who has held a full UK licence for 3 or more years. Some insurers may require the supervising driver to be older – here at Marmalade we ask that the supervising driver is at least 25.

Can two learner drivers be insured on the same car?

They sure can! Our Learner Driver Insurance policy is designed to be flexible for learners, so it wouldn’t be right for us to not allow more than one learner per car, would it? We know parents often have more than one teen desperate to get behind the wheel at one time, so you can set up two different insurance policies for each learner on the same car with no fuss. The only thing we can’t help with is who gets to use the car first!
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I’m a parent - do I need insurance to supervise a learner driver?
You don’t need specific insurance to supervise a learner, provided the learner driver has insurance in place (as this will cover the supervising driver providing they meet the eligibility criteria of the policy).
Our learner insurance required supervising drivers to be aged over 25 and to have held a full UK driving licence for 3 years.
Also be aware that if you’re allowing a learner driver to practice in your car, you will still need your own insurance policy in place for that car, separate to the short-term learner’s policy.
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What does insurance for learner drivers cover?
Here at Marmalade, all our policies are comprehensive so they will cover the car you are driving as well as any 3rd party damage. In addition to this, they will cover the supervising driver to take over in an emergency.
The policy will also cover the learner driver during their driving test, however, if you have selected a short term policy, the cover will cease as soon as they pass their test – so they may need a lift home!
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What are the different insurance options for learner drivers?
There are a number of ways you can insure a learner driver, either on a friend's or family member's car or on their own. Here are the most common:
- Short term insurance on a friend's or family member's car
- Annual insurance parent's car
- Annual insurance on their own car

What are the different insurance options for learner drivers?

Frequently asked questions

What are the best cars to insure learner drivers on?arrow
The costs to insure different cars varies but getting a car that is smaller in a low insurance group will often see you with a cheaper insurance quote. We have a guide that looks at the best first cars for new drivers which you may find helpful.
Is black box insurance good for learner drivers?arrow
Yes – we think so! Black box insurance policies allow drivers to reflect on their journeys and review where they may be making mistakes, so this is super helpful for someone who is still learning how to drive. They can see where the driving is good and under control, and also areas where they can improve. Marmalade young drivers are also nearly 3 times safer¹ than the national average because of the black box technology
Does learner insurance cover the supervising driver to take over?arrow
Yes – should your supervising driver need to take over for any reason, this policy will cover them until the end of the session.
Can you earn NCD on a provisional licence? arrow
Yes – providing you have an annual insurance policy and keep it running for the whole year without making a claim, you will earn your own No Claims Discount.
Can I get learner insurance to cover my driving test?arrow
All Marmalade’s insurance policies for learner drivers will cover provisional licence holders during their driving test, provided the DVSA requirements are met. If you choose an annual policy, the cover will continue seamlessly after you pass. However, our short term learner insurance will cease as soon as you pass your driving test – so you will need someone to drive you home!
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