Top 6 reasons to take your learner driving

We surveyed parents of learners and discovered what they enjoyed most about helping their child with driving practice!

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If your child is learning to drive, you may be wondering if taking them out for practice is going to be a help or a hindrance? If they have access to a car, we think it’s a no-brainer! Here are our top 6 reasons why!

Don’t just take our word for it, we also asked 309 parents (March 2021) why they loved taking their young driver out too.


Practice makes Perfect!

The driving test backlog means some learners wait up to 6 months to book a slot so there’s more pressure than ever to pass! We all know that our skills improve when we practise, so the more hours the learner can get behind the wheel the better the chances of passing their test. 88% of people who passed their driving test within 6 months of starting to learn to drive practised driving outside lessons.

If they don’t have a car, it’s no problem as our learner driver insurance could cover them to drive in your car (provided it’s not more than group 32 insurance or £30k in value). Plus, there’s no risk to your No Claims Discount!

Understand their progress

Whether your young driver is just starting out, or had their driving test date looming, sitting in the passenger seat helps you get insight into how they are doing and the skills they need to work on. 64% found it rewarding to see their young driver learn and improve, and 62% appreciated the knowledge that they’re helping their child to become a safer driver.

It works hand in hand with their instructor lessons as it gives them the ability to practice what they have learnt in lessons but can also highlight areas that the learner may want to ask for more help with from their instructor in their next lesson. Plus, as they get closer to their driving test, it will probably give you more confidence about their ability for when they head out on their own!

Give them confidence

We’ve already talked about how driving practice can help them improve their driving skills. The great news is that confidence grows the more we do something, and the more times we do it well!

No matter how old you get, hearing from your relative that you’ve done something well or that they are proud of you will always give you a boost. It is a steep learning curve learning to drive, so a bit of praise along the way for mastering new skills will go a long way.

Spend quality time together

It may sound cheesy, but it’s a great opportunity to have quality 1:1 time with your teen. 56% of parents/guardians told us they appreciated being able to spend time with their young driver, whilst 1/5 enjoyed having the ability to prise their young driver away from their phone!

Whilst we may fear it’s going to be a white-knuckle ride, full of arguments and possibly tears, more often than not it is much calmer. Whilst you’re both alert to what is happening in the car and on the road, it’s nice to be together and appreciate each other’s company. As they become more confident, you may even get the chance for a chat or to just quietly listen to the radio as you drive.

Save money on driving lessons

We believe lessons with an instructor are crucially important. However, with long lead in times for tests and some limitations to the number of hours you can take with an instructor, private practice in a family car is a great way to get a lot of additional hours of driving in.

With the average cost of a driving lesson in the UK now over £30, getting a short-term learner insurance policy could prove a cost effective way to supplement lessons. For those that have failed a test and need to wait several months for a re-booked test, this may be particularly helpful in terms of maintaining skills!

They will make you burst with pride!

We couldn’t help but share some comments that parents of learner drivers shared how impressed they were with their learner’s awareness, reactions and ability to stay calm in the face of adversity – experiences you wouldn’t get without sitting by their side!

“Despite having a 2 litre car, I've been impressed with my daughter's ability to drive it and her calm approach to driving even though she says she feels nervous. She has good command of controls, remembers what she's been taught and applies her skillset well.”

“My lad keeps his cool regardless of the situation. He's experienced other road users behaving and driving badly and kept calm and maintained his safe driving.”

“My daughter always anticipates things that could happen, i.e. she slowed down when she saw a young child running along a pavement not holding the hand of an adult.”

“I am happily surprised on her awareness and courtesy to other drivers, a pleasure to teach.”

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