Top gifts to buy a new driver

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new driver, we’ve got some great ideas right here!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Jun 10th, 2022

Need to get a driving related gift? Don’t worry - we’ve got your back! Whether it’s for someone who has just passed their test, or someone who has decided to start their learning journey - we’ve got a top list of different gifts you can give!

Driving Freedom!

I know what you’re thinking - how on earth can you get someone insurance as a gift?! Well actually, it’s much easier than you think. We have a range of different insurance products to help young drivers get on the road - whether they’re learning or they’re just passed!
Our Learner Driver Insurance is a short term policy where you can purchase from 1 month to 8 months at a time - it’s a great way to help a learner get some extra confidence behind the wheel in a parent’s or friend’s car.
If you want to get something a bit more long term, that will also cover them when they pass, we offer Pay as You Go Insurance , which gives young drivers pay by the mile insurance on their parent’s car. You can get the best gift ever - actual freedom of the road - by paying for those initial 500 miles for them!

L & P plates

Getting them some plates to pop on their car is a great gift, it’s super affordable and practical too!
Head over to Amazon and check out Marmalade’s L Plates available to purchase for just £4.99! They have over 3,000 5* reviews too, so you don’t just need to take our word for it on how great they are.

Air fresheners

Gone are the days when the only air fresheners on the market are strange scented smiley faces or boring-looking trees that we dangle from our mirrors – oh no, there is so much more to offer! Diffusers, plug-ins, sticky gels, cardboards, cans, and sprays are all different ways you can keep your car smelling amazing!
You really can’t go wrong with a car air freshener as a gift for a new driver, and our friends over at Carfume have taken car air freshener to a whole new level! Go and check them out to find the perfect gift for a new driver (pst, check out their Marmalade Chocolate Orange scent… we think it’s great! ;))

Dash Cam

Whilst many incidents on the roads are unavoidable, there are ways to help when they do happen and one of them is capturing the incident. In some cases, this can help when making a claim. Unfortunately, new drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident on the roads, but you can take some of the stress away by giving them a dash cam! Also – they may capture some pretty funny moments on the road and be the next internet sensation!

Bluetooth music adapter

Whilst many new cars have Bluetooth built in, older ones may not. But c’mon – it’s the 21st century… we should all be able to stream the music we want when on a road trip! Why not think about getting that new driver an aux/Bluetooth adapter? It plugs into the car’s port and will connect to the device of your choice so you can stream your music to your heart’s content!

Sat Nav

New drivers may not be thinking of the practical side of driving as soon as they pass their test. If you’re looking for a fab gift idea and have a bit of extra money to spend, then why not help them find their way by getting them a sat nav?

Portable jump starter

Probably the least exciting but most practical gift. Granted, it’s likely no young driver will be excited to receive one of these – but they’ll be thankful when they need a helping hand to get their car running again.

Personalised... everything!

Many of the things we use in our cars are pretty drab but many online retailers give you the option to personalise pretty much everything these days! From car mats, key rings, and those sort after air fresheners – you can give your gift the edge and make it special just for the person you’re buying it for.
Whatever it is you decide to gift to a new driver, we’re sure they’ll be thankful for it! Getting behind the wheel, whether it's the first time as a learner or someone who has just passed, deserves to be celebrated!

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