Beware of Fake News about invalidating your car insurance by driving in lockdown

For concerned drivers, your car insurance will not be invalidated should you drive during lockdown.


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Nov 13th, 2020

Beware of Fake News about invalidating your car insurance by driving in lockdown

Drivers may be concerned after reading recent press coverage suggesting that drivers who make non-essential journeys during lockdown will not be covered if they need to make an insurance claim. Reading these alarming headlines online, or in the paper, may be particularly scary for young drivers, many of whom are holding insurance for the first time. This rumour is categorically not true!

As a specialist in young driver insurance, we think it's particularly important to let our customers know that their cover is not affected during this time. All drivers are covered for the purposes specified on their policy - this means that should you make a non-essential journey you will not invalidate your cover. 

Of course, you should follow the government restrictions as they are in place for a good reason. We've written a handy guide for young and learner drivers (or indeed, parents!) who have questions about driving during lockdown:

Can I learn to drive during lockdown?

Get set for the open road!

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