Top 10 Car Packing Hacks for Festivals

Struggling to fit everything you need into your car? Mr Carrington has got his top packing hacks for you here – as well as a helpful video!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Dec 10th, 2020

Summer is here and that means one thing... festivals are coming!

This means many of us will be packing up our cars and heading on a festival road trip to remember. Struggling to fit everything you need into your car? Mr Carrington has got his top packing hacks for you here – as well as a helpful video!

1. Double up your crates

Use crates to pack the boot up. They stop items rolling around and can double up as camping seats and tables

2. Extra bedding to the win

Take extra bedding. A duvet can be laid across the back seat, just make sure you can still fasten any seat belts

3. Plump up your pillows

Stuff a pillowcase with clothes instead of taking a pillow. You will still have somewhere soft to lay your head - if you get any sleep that is!

4. Under-seat storage

Use the space under the seats to store bulky boots and wellies - festival essentials

5. Duct tape hacks

A roll of duct tape can be used as a drinks holder to stop your drink spilling and keep the car tidy. It will also come in handy if your tent leaks!

6. It's called fashion

A tarpaulin is great to line the boot to stop it getting mucky, and if it rains it can double up as a poncho

7. Hang it up

Make the most of the space on the back of the front seats by hanging a shoe holder and storing items in there

8. In case of an emergency...

Pack a bucket along with toilet paper and antibacterial hand gel, just in case an emergency strikes!

9. Time saver

A pop-up laundry hamper will store flat in your car on the way to the festival, and at the end you can throw in all of your muddy clothes into it, ready to wash

10. Cover it up

Shower caps are great for putting over shoes to stop them from getting muddy, or to cover muddy shoes before getting in the car


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