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Annual Learner Driver Insurance

Discover annual insurance for learner drivers that provides cover seamlessly from provisional licence to full licence with no price increase.

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Pick up annual insurance as a learner driver

If you’re in a position of looking for learner driver insurance, you may think that short term cover is your only option or that you'll be learning to drive as a named driver on an existing insurance policy, but that isn't your only option.
We offer two options for annual learner driver insurance:
- Black Box Insurance (cover on a young driver's own car)
- Named Young Driver Insurance (cover for a young driver on a parent's car)
Both of these are annual policies that will cover a learner driver from provisional licence holder all the way to full licence holder - so there’s no need to stress about getting new insurance when they pass their test. Plus, if you choose to pick either of these policies, young provisional licence holders could pay up to £373 less than full licence holders²!

The benefits of getting annual insurance as a learner driver

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Cover before and after passing

Our annual insurance will seamlessly switch over from learner to full licence with no price increase. Just let us know and you’ll be good to carry on driving with a full licence!
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Start earning No Claims Discount

Learners can start earning their No Claims Discount - even if the cover isn’t on their own car! If the young driver needs to make a claim on their policy on a parent's car, the No Claims Discount of the car owner isn’t affected.

Drive without curfews or restrictions

Whether it's an annual policy on the young driver's own car or on a parent's car, with Marmalade you can hit the road whenever you like!
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Stay safe the on the roads

Telematics can help learners see where they may be breaking harshly or accelerating a bit too much, meaning they can perfect their skills before test day comes.

Discover two options to getting annual insurance as a learner driver

Did you know that Marmalade customers are nearly 3 times safer in the first year after passing their test?³

Black Box Insurance

Annual cover on the young driver's car

  • dotNo curfews or night time driving restrictions
  • dotSeamless cover before and after passing test
  • dotPerfect your manoeuvres before your test with telematics technology
  • dotSmart app helps you develop driving skills
  • dotEarn your own No Claims Discount

Named Young Driver Insurance

Annual cover on a parent's car

  • dotNo risk to the owners No Claims Discount
  • dotNo price increase when they pass their test
  • dotAn alternative to adding a named driver to an existing policy
  • dotYoung driver starts to earn own No Claims Discount
  • dotSmart app helps you develop driving skills

Get extra driving practice with Learner Driver Insurance

Many learner drivers choose to take up some extra driving practice outside of their lessons with a driving instructor, with a parent or friend accompanying them. They can practice important skills such as driving in the dark, and since almost 30%¹ of young drivers wished they’d been better prepared for driving in the dark once they’d passed, we think this is a great way to get that practice in!

Not sure where to start with private practice? No problem, discover our 10 tips for driving practice between lessons.

Save money when learning to drive

We know that learning to drive can cost a pretty penny (on average learner drivers in the UK spend £747 on driving lessons⁴) which is why we've pulled together a list of ways to save money when learning to drive. For example, by spending time during private practicing the skills your driving instructor has taught you, you’ll spend less time going over it in lessons.

Provisional licence holders will pay £200 less, on average, than full licence holders¹ so it makes sense to pick up this annual policy whilst learning to drive, and go from insurance as a learner to full insurance with no price increase when you pass!

Still not sure which product you need?

We're here to help with a wide range of flexible insurance options to suit you.
Use our insurance finder tool and find the cover for you today!

Frequently asked questions

Can you learn as a named driver? arrow

Yes, you can! Many insurance companies will allow parents to add their child to their insurance policy as a named driver, however, this can often be quite costly (and may cost even more once they've passed) and if they need to make a claim, the car owners No Claims Discount will be affected.

With Marmalade, getting annual cover on a parent's car couldn't be easier and takes both of those worries away - there's no impact on the car owners No Claims Discount if a claim needs to be made, and no price increase when the learner goes from provisional licence to full.

Can you earn a No Claims Bonus with Learner Driver Insurance?arrow
Short term insurance won't see learner drivers earning their own No Claims Discount, because they need to have had a policy for a full year with no claims for this to happen. Many people think you think you can't earn No Claims Discount until they've got a full licence but that isn't the case. Whether you opt for learner insurance on the young driver's own car or a parent's, they'll start earning their own No Claims Discount and (as long as they don't need to claim) this should help them with the cost of their insurance at renewal.
Can I go from learner insurance to full insurance? arrow
You sure can! With short term learner insurance, you would need to arrange a new insurance policy once passed and you're not a learner anymore. With annual cover on a parent's car or annual cover on the young driver's car all you need to do is give us a call to let us know you've passed, and you can carry on driving, but with a full licence, and we won't increase the price.

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