How to put screen wash in your car

We've put together some simple instructions on where to find your screen washer bottle and how fill it up!


By Marmalade Author

Updated on Aug 4th, 2022

Opening up your bonnet and seeing the insides of your car can be a bit overwhelming when you're unsure what you're looking for! So we've put together some simple instructions on where to find your screen washer bottle and how to fill it up!

Firstly make sure you have an appropriate screen wash and don't try and substitute it for something like washing up liquid as this contains salt and can damage your car! You can pick up a bottle of screen wash from most garages, motor retailers and even supermarkets from around £5.

(Note that in winter you should be filling up with anti-freeze screen wash to prevent the windscreen from freezing over.)


The screen wash bottle

Open and pin up the car bonnet and locate the screen wash bottle. The cap will have a symbol with a windscreen and water droplets across it. If in doubt then refer to the car owner's manual

Fill it up

Take off the cap and make note of the little maximum line which should be visible on the neck of the bottle just under the cap

Secure the cap

Fill the chamber up to this line with the screen wash. Then secure the cap and you're done

Putting screen wash in your car is a quick and simple task that should be done on a regular basis. Not only does it stop the windscreen wipers from smearing - but it also prevents the windscreen itself from freezing over during the winter months and ensures good visibility from your front and rear window. It is important to make sure you look after your car during winter as well as all year round. Keep your screen wash topped up as neglecting it or filling it with the wrong substance can be dangerous and cause damage to the vehicles paintwork.

It's also worth knowing if you ever run out of screen wash and are unable to get your hands on any at the time, you can top it up with some distilled water! Some people say it's always better to use a mixture of water and screen wash as opposed to pouring it in "neat" but either way, it's a handy emergency solution for if your squirters have gone bone dry without you realising!

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