Comprehensive car insurance for over 30s, exclusively online for your convenience

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Comprehensive car insurance for over 30s

At Marmalade, we want to reward more experienced drivers with affordable over-30 car insurance that's tailored to their needs, and the ability to manage their insurance online, 24/7.

Does car insurance go down when you turn 30 in the UK?

The cost of car insurance for over 30s does tend to be cheaper than comparative car insurance for young drivers. This is because older drivers tend to have more experience, and are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident on the road.

However, while the cost of car insurance premiums drops as you get older, it’s not just your age that affects the cost of insurance. Your driving record, no-claims bonus, the type of vehicle you’re insuring, how many miles you drive per year and where you live are just some of the factors that are taken into account when insurers provide you with a quote.

Why Experienced Driver Insurance is a good option for people in their 30s

If you’re looking for car insurance for over 30s, take a look at our specialised Experienced Driver Insurance . This policy is designed to reward drivers with a few years’ experience behind the wheel with comprehensive car insurance and a choice of Marmalade Essentials and Marmalade Classic levels of cover to meet your needs.

Why choose Marmalade for over 30’s car insurance?

Drivers in their 30s are able to enjoy the great benefits of our Experienced Driver Insurance, including:
  • We're rated "Great" by our customers on the independent review site, Trustpilot
  • Manage your policy online 24/7 using our Customer Hub
  • Two comprehensive cover options
  • Five year guarantee on repairs
  • 24-hour dedicated claims helpline
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