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Discover the upgrades available on our Black Box Insurance and what they cover.

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Marmalade Black Box Insurance is a comprehensive policy, which means you’re covered for accidental, malicious, fire and theft damage to your own car, and damage to any third parties if there is a collision and you are at fault.
While comprehensive cover is the highest level of cover you can have, there are some extras which aren’t included as standard that you may want to add to customise your cover to better suit your needs. We’ve broken down what they are, and how they work, below.

Legal expenses cover

What is legal cover?

Marmalade’s legal cover will help you cover the cost (up to £100,000) of any legal action you need to take, for example:

• Recovering compensation from a party at fault for an accident, including personal injury, medical expenses, the cost of excess payments made or loss of earnings
• Legal representation if you’re prosecuted for a driving offence
• Legal representation to obtain compensation for breach of an agreement relating to buying, selling, or repairing your vehicle
• Assistance if your car is seized due to the Motor Insurance Database being incorrectly updated
• Defending claims where your vehicle’s identity has been used without your permission

With legal cover, you’ll have access to a 24-hour personal legal helpline on any private legal matter. Bear in mind, you won’t be able to claim if you or any named driver are at fault, or if the claim does not have a reasonable chance of success.

Breakdown cover

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover does what it says on the tin – covers you in the instance that your vehicle breaks down. We offer three levels of breakdown cover, with Call Assist, which can be added to your Marmalade insurance policy, these are:
1. Local
This gives you roadside assistance anywhere in UK, provided it is more than one mile from your home address. If the car cannot be fixed at the roadside, we will recover your car to a suitable garage, or your home, up to 10 miles from where you break down. It also includes key assist and overnight accommodation, should you need it.
2. National
This includes all the benefits of our Local cover, plus recovery to your home or chosen UK destination, without the 10-mile limit, as well as Home Assist and alternative options for onward travel.
3. European
Yes, you guessed it. This includes all the benefits of our National cover, extended outside the UK to provide cover whilst driving in Europe.

Should I add breakdown cover to my insurance?

Let’s say it how it is – when your car breaks down it can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re mid-journey when it happens. Adding breakdown cover to your policy gives you the confidence that, if you were to break down, someone would be there to assist you. It’s a good idea to check if you have breakdown cover already as this is sometimes included with certain packaged bank accounts or as part of a manufacturer’s warranty with a new car. If you want to include breakdown cover with your policy, you can add it when you buy your insurance or when you come to renew.

Hire car cover

What does Hire Car cover provide?

Hire Car cover will provide you with a replacement vehicle if your car is stolen or written off following an accident. Within 24 hours of your claim, a Class A car (a small 1-litre hatchback such as a Toyota Aygo, or similar) that is less than 3 years old will be supplied, for up to 14 days. This car can also be driven by anyone named on your policy, provided they meet the age criteria detailed.

This cover is only available to full licence holders aged 21 or over, or those over 18 who have held a full licence for a minimum of 12 months.

Does my black box policy come with a courtesy car?

If you have an accident and your car is being repaired using one of our approved repairers, our Black Box Insurance policyholders will be entitled to a courtesy car. However, a courtesy car is not provided if your car is stolen or written off.
If you want the security of extra time to source a new vehicle in the event of your car either being stolen or undriveable following an accident, consider adding hire car cover to your policy.

Do I need to have motor legal expenses cover on my insurance?

Legal cover is not mandatory but can be added to your policy if you choose. The cost of legal proceedings can quickly rack up so adding this as an optional extra can give you peace of mind that you’re covered if you do need to go down the legal route.

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