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Discover the upgrades available on our Black Box Insurance and what they cover

Your Black Box Insurance is a comprehensive policy, which means you’re covered for accidental, malicious, fire and theft damage to your own car and damage to any third parties if there is a collision and you are at fault.
Whilst comprehensive cover is the highest level of cover you can have, there are some extras you may want that aren’t included in the standard cover. We offer a few different upgrades to our policy, so you can customise your cover to suit you. Find out what they are and how they work below!

Legal expenses cover

What is legal cover?

If you’re involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault, legal cover will help you with the cost of legal services to seek compensation for personal injury, loss of wages and paying out of unnecessary excesses. It’s also a helping hand to defend yourself if another driver is making accusations against you. Marmalade’s legal cover includes:
• Access to a 24-hour legal helpline
• Up to £100,000 worth of legal representation to help recover losses not covered by your policy from the person at fault, such as:
• Excess payments you have made
• Loss of earnings as a result of an accident
• Medical care and compensation for injuries you suffer

You won’t be able to claim if you or any named driver are at fault, or if the claim does not have a reasonable chance of success.

Do I need to have motor legal expenses cover on my insurance?

Legal cover can be added onto your policy for only £10 for the whole year. This small cost can save you a lot of money should you need to pay for legal services after a claim, especially since the cost of legal proceedings can be huge! We would hope you never need to use your legal cover, but it’s comforting to know if you need to, costs are pretty much sorted without having to fork out for the legal expenses at the time.

The Government is planning some changes to the legal system for personal injury claims which means that, for the vast majority of claims, victims will have to deal with their Personal Injury claims through small claim court themselves, which would take time and could be stressful and is probably the last thing you want to deal with whilst having an accident. Motor Legal Expenses Cover protects you against these risks and ensures that you receive your compensation through an experienced claims administrator who would take the stress away and provide updates throughout the claims journey.

Breakdown cover

What is breakdown cover?

If your car breaks down and you need emergency assistance to help you continue your journey, or to be taken to a nearby garage, you will need breakdown cover. There are two levels of cover on the breakdown cover we provide, with RAC, these are:
1. Roadside, Recovery and At Home
This gives you roadside assistance, recovery of the insured car and passengers to a UK destination, recovery if the driver is taken ill, and cover at home with transport to a garage within 10 miles!
2. Roadside, Recovery, At Home & Onward Travel
This gives you all everything that option 1 gives you, but also gives you alternative onward travel options, and overnight accommodation should you need it.

Should I add breakdown cover to my insurance?

New drivers may not know what to do if they found themselves broken down on the road. Breakdown cover gives peace of mind, so you know that if you do breakdown, you’re covered to get back up and running. It’s important to check if you have breakdown cover already before opting for the additional extra. Sometimes, it comes as part of a packaged bank account, or as part of a manufacturer’s warranty with a new car, for example.

Hire car cover

What does Hire Car cover provide?

For just £17 per year, Hire Car cover will provide you a replacement vehicle if your car is stolen or a total loss after an accident. A Class A car (a small 1 litre hatchback e.g. Toyota Aygo, or similar) that is less than 3 years old will be provided within 24 hours of you notifying the claim for up to 14 days. The good news is that it can also be driven by anyone named on your insurance policy (provided they meet the age criteria of the policy).

This cover is only available to full licence holders aged 21 or over, or those over 18 who have held a full licence for a minimum of 6 months.

Does my black box policy come with a courtesy car?

If you have an accident and your car is being repaired using one of our approved repairers, you will be entitled to a replacement car. However, a courtesy car is not provided if your car is stolen or a total loss. It may be wise to add Hire Car cover to the policy should you wish to have a replacement car for a couple of weeks in the event of an accident resulting in your car being undriveable, or if your car is stolen.
If you rely solely on one car to drive, then adding this cover to your policy can provide re-assurance for if you lose your only means of transport, and the added security of giving you time to source a new car.

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