Passing your theory test


Passing your driving test isn’t just about proving you can safely operate a vehicle during a practical test. You’ll also have to pass a theory test before you can say goodbye to those L Plates.

The theory test is designed to assess your understanding of the Highway Code and your hazard perception skills. If you want to find a wealth of useful information to help you pass your theory test, then check out our Theory Test guide page.

There are two parts to the theory test. The first part is multiple choice, so that takes off some of the pressure, and while the second part sounds like it could be a computer game, it actually tests your ability to predict hazards rather than your reactions to them. So, with a bit of practice, you’ll be more than ready to pass both parts of your theory test.

To prepare for the multiple-choice part, you’ll be encouraged to read the Highway Code and learn the meaning of the road signs you’ll encounter when you’re out on the road. Check out our Multiple Choice advice page for tips and advice on passing this part of the test.

When preparing for the hazard perception part of the test, you’ll need to watch the official DVSA training DVD. If you need some more help, check out our Hazard Perception advice page.


Top tips to pass your theory test

As well as getting to grips with driving for the first time - it's time to get your brain into gear to prepare for your Theory test. It may feel like a lot to take on board, but the Theory side will give you confidence while practising too, so it's worth cracking on and getting it out of the way.

Theory test revision notes

Although the theory side of your driving test can seem daunting you have nothing to fear as long you revise thoroughly and apply common sense. Remember, the theory test isn’t designed to trick you or catch you out but to ensure that you’re safe on the roads. Here are our top tips for passing your theory test first time.

Hazard perception test tips

We’ve put together some top hazard perception test tips, to help you pass your hazard perception test with flying colours!