Driving test

We know just how nerve-wracking - and pricey - driving tests can be. Everyone wants to pass first time, and we’ve got loads of driving test tips here to help you ace it.

Designed for every aspect of your practical driving test, you’ll find out what to expect on test day, how to keep calm, cool and collected behind the wheel, and what practical steps you can take right now to improve your chances of passing first time.

Check out our Young Driver School where we talk you through exactly what to expect from your practical test, so you can be ready and prepared for the experience. We’ve got a wide array of driving test tips here, including advice to help you keep calm under pressure, keep your memory in tip top order, and what to remember on the day.

Passed your test and ready to lose the L plates? Check out Now I’ve Passed to find out what steps to take now you’re a fully-fledged driver.

And don’t worry if you don’t pass first time - you’re not alone! Many people have to take their test more than once before they’re ready for the road. Check out our Failed Your Test section, that’s designed just for you, with plenty of tips for how to move forward, improve, and pass next time

The highway code

If you’re learning to drive or are a newly qualified driver you’ll need no introduction to the Highway Code - it plays a major part in helping you pass your driving test.

UK Driving Test 'Tell Me' Questions and Answers

The driving test changes are coming, so we've got a handy list of all the new 'Tell Me' questions you can expect on the big day!

Driving test changes

50% of learner drivers do not feel prepared for the driving test changes - so we're here to help! Here's what changes you can expect from December 4th, 2017.

Parallel park

The reverse parallel park often strikes fear into the hearts and minds of learners, but knowing your reference points and practising often can turn this trickster into a piece of cake.

Reverse bay parking

Revved up about your reverse bay parking? Don't worry - we're here to guide you in to that spot!

Forward bay parking

Have you been practising your forward bay parking? We've got a simple guide to explain how it's done!

Pulling up on the right and reversing

How does pulling up on the right and reversing work? Confused? Here's our guide to this new driving test manoeuvre!

The new 'show me' questions and answers

Getting ready to take your driving test? Here's a helping hand with the 'Show Me' questions!