Learning to drive

The moment when you child steps behind the wheel of a car for the very first time is huge - for them and for you! We know that this is a big step and can feel exciting, overwhelming, monumentous and, frankly, quite terrifying!

Here are our top tips for coping when you child starts learning to drive:

  • Trust them and their instructor - This may be hard at first because you know how scary the roads can be, but they are in safe hands and if you trust them, they will trust themselves
  • Stay calm - Tough, we know! But again if you stay calm (at least on the outside!) then your child will hopefully pick up on this, especially in the build-up to their theory and practical tests
  • Be available - For private practice, for advice, to help them study, to just listen
  • Speak to your friends - The chances are that some of your friends are in the same situation, so the solidarity of sharing how you're feeling will help
  • Enjoy it! - Just think of the payback for all of those times the taxi of mum and dad has been in service ;-)