Stopping Distances

Having a dash cam in your car, is it worth it?

Did you know that your stopping distance is the total combined time of your thinking and braking distance? Or that the stopping distance at 70mph is over 4x what it is at 30mph? The importance of knowing about thinking, braking, and therefore stopping distance goes far further than being needed to pass your theory test.

We're here to discuss the difference that distractions, weather, tyres, and all sorts of factors, can make when you need to brake - the Highway Code doesn't give you a set stopping distance to stick to, because there are so many variables.

From safe distances at various speeds, to how ABS works, take a read through our handy tips and articles to top up your knowledge and stay safer on the roads.

What is my stopping distance?

We'll start with the basics, then look at how things such as the weather, your tyres, and distractions, and have an impact on your stopping distance.

Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule!

Only a fool breaks the 2-second rule! The 2-second rule is a rough guide, on how much space to leave between you and the car ahead. It is also an estimated reaction time of the driver.

Everything you need to know about ABS

Ever had to put your foot on the brake pretty hard, and felt a juddering from your car? That would have been your ABS - but the heck is ABS and why do we have it?

Thinking, braking and stopping

You can be forgiven for thinking that your braking distance is the same as your stopping distance, but it's not. Here, we look at what makes up your overall stopping distance.

Does snow affect braking?

When snow hits in the UK, general chaos ensues! Adverse weather can have a huge impact on your driving, so let's look at what will happen when you need to brake in snowy or frozen conditions.