Why choose marmalade's Named Young Driver Insurance?

There are plenty of great benefits designed to help you improve your driving and save on your insurance.

  • Get a quick quote - although we love insurance at Marmalade, we know filling in lengthy forms just to get a price isn't fun – so we offer a quick quote on all our products, so you can get a good idea of your price in less than a minute!
  • We trust you to drive safely and responsibly from the beginning so we'll give you the lowest premium from the start, rather than offering complicated points based schemes to earn more miles or money back later!
  • Our clever black box technology helps you to develop safer driving skills by providing you with some very useful feedback on your Acceleration, Braking and Speed.
  • Good customer feedback - Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about the black box.
  • We'll cover you while you are learning and after you have passed your test - so you can start building up that all important No Claims Bonus right away! And that bonus is portable, so you can take it forward with you to your next policy.
  • No premium increase when you pass your test – some insurers will increase your premium when you pass, not us!
  • Quick and convenient installation - you will either be sent a plug in black box that is quick and easy to install yourself or the box will be fitted in your car, by an engineer, at your home. It's small and discreet.
  • Reviewing your driving is easy online - our black box is easy to use. It gives you access to clear online information that you and your parents can use to review how you've been driving, to help you develop your driving skills.
  • No curfews or extra charges for night time driving, unlike some policies, so you are free to drive at any time you like (which is sort of the whole point of being able to drive anyway, isn't it?)
  • Our friendly Marmalade team is based in our Young Driver Centre here in the UK.

So there are plenty of good reasons why our New Driver Insurance could be the smart and affordable way of getting insured you've been looking for, so why not get your quote today?

Save money with New Driver Insurance on your own car