New driver insurance
(your car) faqs

Here are some of the queries we're most commonly asked. If there is something you would like to know, then take a look through and see if we've answered it here.

What is a No Claim Bonus? Plus Icon

It's when you get a reduction in your premium as a reward for having a claim-free record.

Because the policy provides comprehensive cover, am I insured to drive other vehicles? Plus Icon

No. Because we use the telematics device to monitor your driving, we'll only cover you for the car it's fitted in.

I would like to insure the car in my parent's name with me as a named driver, can I do this? Plus Icon

Afraid not. The policy needs the main driver to be aged between 17 and 30. So if you're added to the policy as a named driver but you're actually driving the car the majority of the time then this is what's called 'insurance fronting' which is a form of fraud.

Does the policy cover business travel? Plus Icon

No. The policy doesn't cover business use.

Can I get insurance on a car that's owned by someone else? Plus Icon

Yes, provided the owner of the car is your parent, your spouse/civil partner or a vehicle leasing company.

Is there a time curfew? Plus Icon

No. Unlike some telematics offerings which offer black box insurance, you are covered to drive any time you like, day or night.

I already have a telematics device in my car from my previous insurer. Can I use this one instead? Plus Icon

No, for this policy you need to use the telematics device we provide and install in your vehicle.

What is telematics? Plus Icon

Also known as black box insurance, telematics utilises a discreet black box which lets us know how you're driving by sending information to us via a GPS signal. The box measures distance, location, acceleration, braking and average speed and helps us to tailor your renewal premium to your driving style. Read more about telematics here.

How do you know who is driving the car? Plus Icon

To be honest, we don't. That's why it's your responsibility to tell all drivers of the vehicle that there is a box installed that will monitor their driving.

Am I able to pay my insurance in monthly instalments? Plus Icon

Yes. You can pay your premium over 10 months with Premium Credit. You will need to pay 20% of your premium up front. Premium Credit will add 10% to the remaining balance to be paid by direct debit over the next nine months.

Am I insured before the box is installed? Plus Icon

Yes. From the policy starting, you have 14 days to get the device installed.

Will I need to send my proof of No Claim Bonus? Plus Icon

Yes, if you have earned a no claims bonus from a previous policy it may be applied to this cover, as long as:

  • It is available and it is not being used on another vehicle
  • It was earned on a private car policy in the UK
  • The policy it was applied to was in force no less than 2 years prior to your New Driver policy start date

You will need to send us proof of your no claims bonus within 28 days to [email protected]. If we don’t receive it then you will either be asked to pay a higher premium or your policy will be cancelled.

Is there a mileage allowance on this policy? Plus Icon

No, the policy is based on the annual mileage declared by the policyholder.

Is there a cooling off period with this policy? Plus Icon

Yes, you can cancel your policy within the first 14 days. We'll refund the part of the premium that hasn't been used with a minimum charge of £25 (except where an incident has occurred that may give rise to a total loss claim, in which case the full annual premium will be payable). If your black box has been fitted we'll have to charge you to remove it. Take a look at our Terms of Business document for all the details.

Do I need to have a parent or guardian named on my policy? Plus Icon

If you are aged 17 ‐ 21, you will need to add a parent or guardian as a named driver. If you're aged 22 or over, this is optional.

Can I have more than one named driver? Plus Icon

Yes you can. You're allowed a maximum of two named drivers, one of which will need to be a parent or legal guardian if you're aged 17 ‐ 21. All named drivers must be aged 25 or over.

Am I insured to drive outside of the UK? Plus Icon

Yes, you are covered to drive in Europe but with a minimum level of cover. Take a look at section 6 of the Policy Terms & Conditions.

In light of the UK’s likely departure from the EU on the 31st October 2019 you will be required to obtain a Green Card before you drive your car in the EU. The Green Card certifies that you have the minimum compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance cover required by the Laws on the countries visited. You can obtain your Green Card by calling us on 0333 358 3441 at least 10 days before you travel. We will send your Green Card by post within 7 days. If you’re travelling in your car to the EU after 31st October we recommend you give us a call to obtain your Green Card, just in case.

Will I be building up a No Claim Bonus with this policy? Plus Icon

You certainly will. You can start building this up as soon as your policy starts. After 12 months of cover you will then have gained one year's No Claims Bonus (providing you don't have any accidents or claims). Of course if you have earned a No Claim Bonus already and it is not being used on another vehicle it can be used on this policy (please read question 12 for more details).

How do I receive my policy documents? Plus Icon

Your policy documents will be emailed to you. You’ll also be able to access your documents online with the login details you receive.

What does the telematics device look like and where in the car is it fitted? Plus Icon

It's a little black box about the size of a deck of cards. Black box is fitted to the battery of your car following the instructions provided with the telematics device.

What does the telematics device measure? Plus Icon

It will measure and then transmit details about how you are driving the car during each of your journeys. It will measure things like speed and acceleration force, braking force and frequency, swerving, sudden manoeuvres, distance travelled, the types of routes driven, the time and date of journeys and your car's location. All of this information will then be used to give you your driver's score. Take a look at our black box explained page to find out more.

What happens if I want to change my car? Plus Icon

You need to let us know of any changes to your circumstances to make sure you policy remains valid. You will need to reinstall the telematics device to the battery in the new vehicle.

What will happen if my box stops working? Plus Icon

Let us know at your first opportunity on 0333 358 3441 and we will send out one of our approved engineers to take a look at it for you.

What happens if I cancel my policy after the cooling off period? Plus Icon

If you need to cancel your policy please call us on 0333 358 3441. As long as you haven't made a claim, we'll issue you a refund, minus the time you have been covered and with an administration fee. The charges are shown in the Terms of Business.

What happens if I disagree with the data from the telematics device? Plus Icon

You have the right to appeal the results within 24 hours of receiving them. Call us on 0333 358 3441.

Do you provide legal protection? Plus Icon

This policy does not provide legal protection (to recover uninsured losses and where you, or a named driver, are not at fault) but it does give you access to a legal helpline, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call this number to discuss any personal legal matter.

How much does the black box cost? Plus Icon

It is included in the price of your policy. The telematics device is self-install. This means you can fit it to the car battery yourself following the instructions provided with the telematics device. All the details you need about this can be found in our Terms of Business document.

If I had an accident and my telematics device was damaged, would I have to pay for another one? Plus Icon

If your vehicle is damaged beyond repair as a result of an insured incident, as part of your claim, your insurance policy will provide for the cost of replacing the telematics device. Otherwise please contact us on 0333 358 3441.

What do I do if my car gets stolen? Plus Icon

Inform the police (obtaining a crime reference number) and your insurer at your first opportunity advising them whether your car is fitted with a GPS Device (i.e. black box) that may be able to locate the vehicle’s whereabouts. Please see our make a claim section for more information.

What happens to the telematics device if I sell my car? Plus Icon

There are a few options for you, depending on your circumstances. For example, you will need a new device fitted if you continue with your policy. Take a look at point 11 of our Terms of Business document for all the details you need.

How do I get the telematics device installed? Plus Icon

The telematics device is self-install. This means you can fit it to the car battery yourself following the instructions provided with the telematics device.

When can I start protecting my No Claim Bonus? Plus Icon

Providing you have earned at least four year's No Claim Bonus you can pay an additional premium to protect it. Please see section 8 of your policy document.

When can I view my journeys? Plus Icon

You can view your journeys as soon as your box is fitted and we've given you your login details to the app and online portal

If you drive unsafely you could end up with additional charges of £125 or even £250. Take a look at our Driver Caution and Additional Premium process for all the details.

Will I be penalised if I drive badly? Plus Icon

If you drive unsafely you could end up with additional charges of £125 or even £250. Take a look at our Driver Caution and Additional Premium process for all the details.

What is IPT? Plus Icon

IPT stands for Insurance Premium Tax. This is a tax that must be added to General Insurance premiums in the UK. All insurance quotes on our website are inclusive of IPT at the current rate set by the Government.

The current rate of IPT is 12%.

Policies purchased prior to the Government changes on 1st June 2017 had the previous rate applied at purchase. Any mid-term changes that have incur a further charge, that take effect after this date will be charged at the new increased rate.

I’ve had a previous Marmalade policy on a car I have borrowed, how do I claim my 5% discount on New Driver Insurance? Plus Icon

If you’re using the same email address and your details have not changed since your previous policy, your discount should appear on your New Driver Insurance quotation. If you are expecting to see a discount and it does not appear, please give our team a call on 0333 358 3441 and we’ll look into it for you. If you are eligible, we can arrange the policy for you over the phone with the discount applied.