First time driver

You did it! You've passed your test and now you're on your way to getting your first car. Let's face it, your first car insurance policy isn't likely to be as cheap as your parents' policy, but there are things that you can do to cut the cost, even if it is your first time on the road.

First up, you need to know what factors influence insurers when they're deciding how much your premium should be. Basically, they're looking at how much of a risk you pose to them as a driver, and how likely it is that you're going to end up in an accident, or the victim of car theft or damage.

first time driver

What can new drivers do to reduce their insurance premiums?

Let's talk about you first…

Insurers look at lots of personal factors that you often can't do much about, short of some drastic measures like a sudden career change or inventing time travel. These are things like marital status, where you live, your profession, and your driving history.

Now let's talk about the car...

As well as finding out about you, insurers also want to know as much as they can about your car, as some are far riskier to insure than others. Now this is an area where you do have some control. The car you choose to drive will impact on your insurance premium. So when you're going car shopping bear the following factors in mind – it might mean you end up in a Ford not a Ferrari, but at least your insurance will be more affordable:

  • Age – an older car doesn't benefit from the safety features of a newer car, and may be more likely to be involved in an accident. Not only that, but parts may be more expensive and less freely available – pushing the repair costs up! If you opt for a newer car, not only should the premiums be lower but it's likely to be more reliable (which is good news for you and your pocket).
  • Size – the bigger the car the more difficult it can be to handle - and the more damage you can do in an accident. Smaller cars mean smaller premiums and a lower risk of being involved in an accident.
  • Nick-ability – if that shiny red Corvette has you drooling, imagine how a car thief's going to feel about it. The more desirable a car is, the higher a risk of theft it poses to insurers. Luckily, there are still lots of ways to personalise the more popular hatchbacks, so you don't have to follow the crowd!
  • Power – Jeremy Clarkson might've told you that you're nothing without a roaring V8 engine, but all that power isn't going to go down well with nervous insurers – or parents. The smaller the engine size, the cheaper the insurance - and it often means lower fuel and road tax bills too.
  • Euro NCAP safety rating – since the year 2000 new cars sold in the EU have been subject to stringent safety tests in order to give them a standardised safety rating – from 1 to 5 stars. It makes it easier for car buyers, and insurers, to see just how safe cars are. The higher the star rating the better.

Save money with New Driver Insurance on your own car

Insurance groups

All cars belong to an insurance group, decided on by the Group Rating Panel, which includes Insurance industry experts. All of the factors above are taken into consideration and cars are given an insurance group number from 1 to 50. The higher the number the riskier it is to insure, and so the higher the premium. So, if you're looking to cut insurance costs look for a motor that's in the lower insurance groups.

Pass plus

Pass Plus is a practical training course designed to help new drivers enhance their road skills and drive more safely. Passing a Pass Plus test can lead to insurance discounts too. With Marmalade, it won't lead to an initial discount, but if you pass and drive safely for the first year you're on the road, then you're likely to be offered a more favourable premium at renewal.

Why choose Marmalade's New Driver Insurance for your first car?

Our New Driver Insurance (your car) provides fully comprehensive cover on cars up to 25 years old, giving you the freedom and re-assurance to get set for the open road in your new car!

  • Simple – we trust you to drive safely from the start, so we offer our lowest premium* from the get-go, without teasing you with complicated points schemes or cashback rewards.
  • No curfews – we don't do curfews. You can drive whenever you like, without worrying about rushing home or night time driving penalties.
  • Clever little black box – our black box technology means safer driving and lower premiums at renewal and it'll help you to develop safer driving skills
  • Build your own No Claims Bonus – whether you're on a full or provisional licence, you can start building up your no claims bonus with us and take it with you to your next policy

Save money with New Driver Insurance on your own car