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caution and additional premium process

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Telematics is a fantastic asset for any young driver and is a proven tool to promote safer and more responsible driving – in fact, while national statistics say 1 in 5 young drivers will be in an accident in the first 6 months, analysis from Marmalade young drivers shows this reduces to 1 in 15.

However, seeing something like ‘caution and additional premium process’ can be a little daunting! It is very important to fully understand the implications of persistent poor driving and hopefully, the following will help make things a little clearer (as well as encouraging you to stay in the green)!

We hope that you never get anything but green journeys, BUT we do appreciate that young drivers, especially after just passing their test, are inexperienced and mistakes can happen.

Marmalade are not out to punish every minor mistake, we don't work that way. If you do happen to pick up a red journey we will work with you to identify the problem in order that it doesn’t happen again. We’ll drop a text message and email to the drivers on the policy and allow everyone 24 hours to check the journeys online and see what may have gone wrong.

For the first red journey, we hope you learn from the mistake and therefore you won't enter the caution and additional premium process, but further red journeys will start the process below:

Stage 1 Plus Icon

If you have a 2nd red journey, as well as discussing what may have gone wrong as before, you will enter what is known as a '30 day red zone'. This means that for the next 30 days you need to be extra careful as a further red journey will unfortunately result in a premium increase of £125, payable within 7 days and enter Stage 2.

The good news is that if you don’t have another red journey within this 30 days, you will go back to normal and not be at risk of a premium increase. Once out of the red zone a further red journey will repeat the process described above.

Stage 2 Plus Icon

In stage 2 the same process applies as stage 1 but you will be in a '60 day red zone' and have to be very careful for 60 days. A red journey in this time and you will be required to pay an additional premium of £250 within 7 days and you will move to stage 3.

Again, if you learn from your mistakes and stay in the green throughout the 60 days you won’t have to pay an increase. Once out of the red zone, a further red journey will mean you enter straight back into stage 2.

Stage 3 Plus Icon

Stage 3 is your final warning. Not only will you be in a '90 day red zone' but any further red journeys will result in immediate policy cancellation.

No red journeys in the 90 days will mean coming out of immediate risk of cancellation but a further red journey will repeat the process above.

Red Zone Time Period Consequences of a Red Journey during this stage
Stage 1 30 days Additional premium of £125 and move to stage 2
Stage 2 60 days Additional premium of £250 and move to stage 3
Stage 3 90 days Policy cancellation

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