Car Insurance for 21 year olds

  • Good news! Turning 21 means cheaper car insurance

    21 is a magic number for younger drivers. If you're wondering why - statistics show that you're less likely to be involved in a motor accident from age 21. It means insurers now view you as a lower risk driver, and so they'll charge you a bit less for insurance.

  • car insurance for 21 year olds

However, once you've blown out those birthday candles you'll probably find that you're still paying more than the national average premium. You're still classed as a younger driver, so your insurance isn't going to be as cheap as your mum and dad's.

But that doesn't mean you can't do things to cut the cost of your premium – and insuring with Marmalade is a great place to start.

How can Marmalade help 21 year old drivers?

At Marmalade we aim to champion young drivers, helping to get you on the road in a safer and more affordable way. With our straightforward telematics policy we treat you like the adult you are, without imposing curfews or complicated points schemes:

  • Simple – we trust you to drive safely from the start, so we offer our lowest premium from the get-go and don't tease you with complicated points schemes.
  • No curfews – we don't do curfews. You can drive whenever you like, without worrying about night time driving penalties.
  • Build your own No Claims Bonus – whether you're on a provisional or full licence, you can start building up your No Claims Bonus, and it's portable so you can take it with you to your next policy.
  • Safe driver discount at renewal – in addition to your No Claims Bonus, if you remain claim free, we offer our safer drivers an additional discount at renewal, putting you in the driving seat for cheaper insurance.
  • Our little black box – our black box technology means safer, cheaper driving and it'll help you to develop safer driving skills. It provides continuous feedback on your driving performance, and you can monitor your latest stats online.
  • Affordable insurance on your own car or your parents' car – it goes without saying that we’ll insure you on your own car as the main driver. However, if you’re an occasional driver of your folks’ car, our Named Young Driver Insurance offers a practical and potentially cheaper way to get cover on your parent’s car, without risking their No Claims Discount.

Save money with New Driver Insurance on your own car

What factors impact my premium when I turn 21?

Insurers look at more than just your age when they decide how much your insurance premium's going to be. If you want to know what's affecting the costs (including how to keep them down!), other factors they consider are:


  • Driving activity – what you use your car for, how often, and how far you drive can all impact your insurance costs. It may be surprising to know that fewer miles doesn't always mean lower premiums – drivers who only drive 2,000-3,000 miles a year may be seen as a higher risk that those who drive 6,000 – 10,000 miles as they are likely to be less experienced.
  • Driving history – Insurers want to know if you've had any accidents or driving convictions in the past, as it helps them understand the level of risk.
  • Marital status – we don't expect you to rush out and get married, but even this information can affect your premium. For example, stats show that married couples are safer drivers.
  • Location, location, location – where you live can have an impact on the likelihood of you encountering a road accident or theft, as well as the cost of car repairs.
  • Profession – what you do for a living can increase the likelihood of having a road accident. Delivery drivers and sales reps, for example, spend more time on the road.

Your car

Insurers also want to know about the car you drive. They'll look at its:

  • Safety rating – cars with an NCAP rating of 4 or 5 are proven to be safer.
  • Size and power – the bigger and more powerful the car, the higher the premium will be. Conversely, a compact car with a small engine will be cheaper to insure.
  • Age – older cars may be less reliable and may not have the safety features of newer cars, so may be pricier to put on cover.
  • Nick-ability – if it is a likely to be a target for thieves, you are likely to pay a bit more.
  • Value – it goes without saying that the more expensive a car is, the more expensive it will be to replace so this may affect your premium. However, an older car may be cheap buy, but very low value cars may not be the cheapest to insure.
  • Insurance group – all cars belong to a certain car insurance group, numbered from 1 to 50. The higher the number, the riskier the car is to insure, and the higher the insurance premium you'll pay. When it comes to buying your first car, the lower the number the better – steer away from the Porsches and stick to hatchbacks.

Save money with New Driver Insurance on your own car